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Xanogen Review
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In this Xanogen Review, we will answer all of your questions on this new male enhancement. Whether you are seeing someone new or have known them forever, bedroom excitement is essential for all relationships. For that reason, we want you to know everyone can rely on Urban Reproductive Health. As people ourselves, we understand the vital importance of this sensitive topic. For that reason, we’ve taken all the time necessary to ensure our product recommendations are nothing but life-changing.

Summary of Our Xanogen Review: 


  • Boosts Your Erectile Capacity: If you’ve been struggling to get it up, this might just be the ticket to a good time.
  • Increases Your Stamina: Suppose you would like to last longer. If that is your dream, you might be able to achieve it now.
  • Cultivates Your Sense of Desire: Occasionally, desire fades with age. Nevertheless, enhanced physical capacity tends to reignite it.
  • All Natural Ingredients: Never settle for pharmaceutical ingredients again. With this supplement, everything you put into your body comes from mother Earth.
  • Millions of Success Stories Worldwide: You wouldn’t be the only one to struggle with such a problem. On the contrary, millions of other people who were once in your shoes are now enjoying the benefits of this supplement.


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Xanogen: What Is It?

This is a supplement that you can find in many stores across the country. It is an all-natural male enhancer. Therefore, using it can boost your performance in the bedroom. However, plenty of things exist with that product description. What is it about this supplement that separates it from other competitors?

Collection of 7 Natural Ingredients:
First, you can have confidence that none of the ingredients are unnatural. For us, this knowledge cultivates a sense of tranquility. It’s incomparable with other male enhancement products. Plus, you’ll have the combined benefit of multiple herbal compounds.

Rely on Its Invariable Resilience:
If you respond well to the supplement, you’ll always notice when you take this supplement. Having a reliable boost can re-instill faith in your bedroom performance. To us, that sounds like a new boost to your confidence.

How Does It Work?

None of this is hocus-pocus. On the contrary, science has shown us that many of these natural ingredients do have a basis in reality. Despite their long history of use, we have only recently realized how they deliver such amazing benefits.

Different Ingredients Synergize:
In addition, by using multiple ingredients, you can further enhance the effects. Truthfully, if anything could be considered magic, this would be it. Depending on the ratio of ingredients, the final effects can be dissimilar. However, in the case of the supplement, it is a beautiful symphony.

Traditional Knowledge From Ancestral Cultures:
Most of the ingredients are from plants with millennia of history. Growing up alongside humans, they have been our companions since time immemorial. Now, you can share in the power they provide us when we consume them. Plus, it is available in a single, convenient capsule.

Is It Safe?

Before you take anything new, it’s always important to review the safety information. Otherwise, you could consume something with an allergen. If you continue without taking care, any enhanced longevity will be wasted. Instead, find serenity and knowledge.

100% Money Back Guarentee:
If there is any allergen in the supplement, you will get your money back. This is a commitment that the company makes for you. That way, you don’t have to lose your composure. Instead, you can rest easy while knowing that you are in their safekeeping.

No Known Risk:
As of the moment, none of the ingredients have any known risk factors. Therefore, you should not expect to have any major negative reactions. Of course, that does not mean this supplement is without side effects.

Analysis of the Ingredients

The things that you put into a substance determine its properties. If you were to take this, for example, then you would have a great case study. In total, there are a little over ten ingredients. Each of them has been lovingly handpicked by the manufacturers. Thus, you can expect to have a synergistic experience. Ultimately, this should mean you’ll have some powerful benefits.

Full List of Ingredients

  1. Maca Root: This is a root with hundreds of years of history. Since antiquity, people in the far east have used this plant to enhance their virility. Now, you can follow their example.
  2. Horney Goat Weed: This is another natural ingredient with plenty of history. It helps to boost the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to dilate your blood vessels. After the blood vessels dilate, your heart will find it much less of a challenge to pump.
  3. L-Arginine: You will find this ingredient in many substances. It is a specific type of amino acid. Most of the time, it is useful for the boost it gives your energy levels. That way, you do not get tired before things are over.
  4. Yohimbine Bark: This comes from a plant that is native to Africa. Over there, it has been used as a treatment for various male sexual dysfunctions. It helps to stimulate your adrenaline receptors. These have been shown to be associated with a healthy sex drive.
  5. Tribulus Terrestris: This plant root helps to protect your reproductive system. In addition, people claim that it helps increase your stamina when you are intimate. To us, a sense of urgency does not boost anyone’s enjoyment in the midst of the act. Therefore, this is an important ingredient.
  6. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid: This ingredient is a simple neurotransmitter. In fact, it is the most common inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. It helps to ensure that your nerves do not get the best of you. That way, you can stay levelheaded throughout your experience.
  7. Cnidium Monnieri: By using this, you may experience a boost to your testosterone levels. The higher your testosterone levels are, the more masculine your body will feel. Plus, it also helps you to have powerful erections. Not to mention, many people report that it improves the strength of their orgasms.
  8. Muira Puama: This is an elegant ingredient, designed to boost your dopamine. Boosted dopamine levels make everything more enjoyable. Since it is so closely linked to motivation, you’ll jump out of bed.
  9. Catuaba Bark: Many people report this ingredient improves blood flow in the genital region. Thus, it can make intimacy even more erotic.
  10. Xanthoparmelie Scarbosa: Finally, this is another common ingredient used in aphrodisiacs. It has a long history of use, with many people supporting it.

Possible Benefits

Now, those are quite a few ingredients. You do not need to memorize all of them. Honestly, the most important thing for you to understand is the potential benefits. Below, we’ve listed our top three.

  • Libido Enhancement: As you grow older, it gets more difficult to become aroused. This does not make maintaining intimacy any easier in a long-term relationship. Anything that helps you feel that old desire is a plus in our eyes.
  • Blood Flows More Freely: Numerous ingredients help dilate the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are open, your blood permeates the body. Hopefully, you took an anatomy class. As long as you did, you understand how great it is to hear that news.
  • Stamina Lengthens: In many instances, getting it up is not the problem. Instead, it is not lasting long enough that it is causing someone an issue. Thus, a supplement with promises to boost your stamina is like the Holy Grail.

Potential Side Effects

Everything has a few drawbacks, of course. For that reason, we must look at things through an objective lens. It is possible for people to experience some side effects. Although they are common, it is important for us to recognize they are real.

  • Nausea: Sometimes, you might feel like you need to throw up.
  • Vomiting: Really, you may end up vomiting.
  • Diarrhea: Occasionally, this is a reported side effect.

These Are Unlikely Unless You Overconsume:
Luckily, none of these are all that common. Plus, you can limit their likelihood. By following proper guidelines, you will minimize your chances of experiencing anything negative.

How Do You Use It?

With that being said, how do you use it? This is the most important question for anyone to ask before they started a new supplement. Otherwise, you will be flying blind into potentially dangerous territory. The only thing that you can use as armor will be knowledge.

The Importance of Dosage Guidelines

Once you order your product, carefully read the instructions. Within them, you should find specific guidelines on the dose. We recommend adhering to them closely. Until you become more familiar with the supplement, do not stray from the written guide. It’s not that you cannot use more than the recommended amount. Instead, it just increases your chances of having negative side effects.

Overall Verdict

At the end of the day, this is a male enhancement product that we want to give the thumbs-up. Typically, it will be more than enough to help you enjoy yourself in the bedroom. Since that is the reason you want this, we believe that this supplement suffices.

The Benefits


  1. Starts to Work Within Mere Moments: From the moment you take it, it does not take long before it works. Once you start to feel it, the effects will ramp up quickly. Before you know it, you will be overtaken by passion.
  2. Lasts More Than Enough Time: Nothing is worse than getting interrupted by a timer. Considering the long-lasting ingredients, you won’t have to worry about that. Instead, you can get lost in the moment. Thanks to the longevity, you won’t have to worry about stopping things early.
  3. No Pharmaceuticals: From our perspective, natural ingredients will always be the best. Since they come from nature, they are much less likely to be toxic. Therefore, you can use them without having to feel concerned about the effect it has on your health. In fact, this makes everything much more enjoyable for us.


The Drawbacks


  1. Does Not Always Work for Everyone: The ingredients are all-natural. In some instances, you will be sensitive to them. If that is the case, it will be hard for you to ignore the effects. On the other hand, not everyone will share the same sensitivity. If that is the case, you may not notice anything at all. You may also need to adjust the dose. If it does not work the first time, try again before you decide that it’s ineffective.

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