What Is Jelqing?

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There are so many penis enlargement products and techniques advertised today. One of these techniques that have been widely used is penis stretching. Jelqing is one of the popular stretching exercises that are widely common among a lot of people. Other methods that are used are traction devices and vacuum pipes. However, this article will primarily focus on Jelqing.


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What Really Is Jelqing?

Jelqing is an exercise that stretches your penis. It mainly involves massaging penis tissues, stretching the skin to establish “micro-tears.” These micro-tears make your penis look enlarged as they heal. This practice is said to make your penis appear thicker and longer.


This practice is said to have originated in the ancient Middle East about 200 years ago. Jelqing is said to enlarge the size and thickness of the penis by allowing the penis to accept more and more blood during an erection by pulling and squeezing the penis. Another explanation is that the motions and pulling tears the penile tissue, and the new cells come about, replacing them with new ones through a repair and increasing the penis size.

What Is Jelqing?

Male Extra
Product Score
Formula Quality
Enlargement Potential
Customer Reviews

AVG Rating

4.8 / 5

Best Available Pricing

*individual Results May Vary

How Does Jelqing Help?

The main point of Jelqing is that it enlarges your penis. However, the “evidence” is not present as no research suggests or even proves that this exercise is mainly successful. Though there are many claims out there, both valid and suspicious, Jelqing has been seen to largely leave the following impacts:


  • The girth of the penis becomes larger when you are erect or even flaccid.
  • The length of the penis becomes larger when you are erect or flaccid
  • Erections last longer

Types of Jelqing

There are many techniques of jelqing exercises. Some of these include:


  1. Dry Jelqing: This is Jelqing without using a lubricant. It is found to provide better results to some men as they tend to retain more blood when their penis is dry.
  2. Wet Jelqing: This kind of Jelqing usually requires the person to use a lubricant while doing the exercise.
  3. Lateral Jelqing: This method of Jelqing usually requires one to make movements opposite to their penis curvature. This largely makes the penis reduce in size.
  4. V-Jelq: This type of jelq is done to enlarge the girth of the penis. The penis is usually grabbed between the middle and index finger with you looking at your palm. This grasp forms a V, thus the name V-Jelq.
  5. One hand Jelq: This technique primarily requires you to use one hand instead of the usual both hands.

Steps to Effectively Practice Jelqing

To get effective results, you must practice Jelqing. A session should be 20 minutes. Here are the right steps when it comes to Jelqing:


The First Step- Warming Up


Before beginning Jelqing, you must warm up your penis. You can do this by using a warm washcloth or with the assistance of a warm bath. Using a warm washcloth on the penis helps send more blood to the penis.


Second Step- Lubricating


If you are not using the dry jelqing technique, put some lubrication on your penis. A water-based lubricant is considered better than oil-based lubricants. Oil lubricants are seen to block pores and can even cause an infection. Lube is seen to prevent friction and discomfort. You can reapply the lubricant if it dries out.


Third Step- the Exercise


Start by making an OK sign with your fingers. The OK sign helps create a grip that circles the base of the penis of the bottom completely. From there, you can slide your fingers from the base to the top of the penis while putting some light pressure on the penis. This whole procedure takes three seconds. However, you should be keen on not squeezing the glans penis.


When the fingers are at the tip, use the hand in the same OK grip and begin from the base again. Keep doing this for around 15 to 20 minutes and about 4 to 5 times a week. If you feel any pain or reach a full erection, you can stop. Beginners to this exercise are advised to start by doing it for five minutes and progressively increase with time.


Fourth Step – the Art of a Firm Grip


The grip is the key when it comes to the whole process of Jelqing and determines whether it will be successful or not. It is essential to retain the same pressure throughout the exercise and avoid adding any pressure with each stroke. This enables the penis to grow proportionately.


Some other ways you can use to enhance your techniques include:


Try doing it without lubrication: Though lubrication is considered an important safety precaution measure, you may want to try dry Jelqing. This will help you avoid overstimulation of nerve endings or making it difficult for you to effectively jelq. It is crucial to prevent irritating or to chafe your skin.


Try out different grips:; You can try putting your thumb beneath your penis and your index finger above it. After this, you can squeeze it gently with both when facing down or trying to pinch something.

Does Jelqing Work?

Though it is a prevalent penis-enlargement technique and some people claim to see precise results, the answer would probably be maybe. This is because there is no detailed research or even science to prove that Jelqing works. This makes it difficult to make a fair comparison and conclusion to determine if Jelqing works or is just a failed experiment to those who try it.

Side Effects and Risks to Jelqing

You might be asking does Jelqing have any risks to it? Yes, it does; however, it is considered pretty safe so long as you do not squeeze your penis too hard, too aggressively, or too often. Being aggressive can tear apart the tissue and thus cause damage to the ligament that connects your penis to your pelvis. In severe cases, damage to your ligaments can lead you to have difficulty forming or keeping an erection.


Some of the side effects you need to be careful about are:


  • soreness or pain along the shaft
  • bruising on the penis
  • due to rubbing, there might be skin irritation
  • scarred tissues resulting from aggressive rubbing
  • Red spots on your penis
  • rupturing of the veins
  • numbness of your pelvic area

Precaution Steps to Minimize Side Effects

If you want to try out Jelqing, then there are a few precautions you should put in place. These precautions mainly aim to reduce the effects that might cause you any discomfort, pain, or even damage to your penis.


Use Lubricants


Try using something that makes your penis slippery and wet. Making it this way helps you avoid creating a lot of chafing or friction between your penis and hand. Vaseline might come in handy, but you can use other gentle lubricants such as; an unscented lotion, some food oils, for instance, coconut or olive oil, or even baby oil that you, you can also use baby oil.


Avoid Full Erections


Do not get hard fully; instead, try getting two-thirds there. To get jelqing right, gently massage your pens to move more blood throughout tissues. Full erections indicate the pumping of blood through the spongy penile tissues at a high rate, which means that the tissue is filled with blood.


Other tips you should keep in mind are:


  • Jelq when you are sitting on a table or against a wall.
  • If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, then put a stop to the whole exercise
  • Avoid doing these exercises more than two times a day to avoid injuring yourself.
  • Consult a medical practitioner if you are planning to do these exercises or if you intend to do the exercises for more extended periods.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The effects of your jelq are likely to be determined by the type of jelq you are using and your exercise routine’s consistency. However, due to lack of research, there is no concrete time provided for results arising from jelqing exercises.


However, you are likely to see results after a week or two with little or no difference going by some claims from different people. A month after is when you are likely to see a slight increase in the length and girth of your penis. For some, however, they can see changes and precise results after a span of four to six months. The changes are said to be visible after regular, consistent, and proper exercises.

Does Jelqing Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

If you do this exercise correctly, it enhances your ability to be comfortable with yourself and better understands your erection. However, if you do it wrong, then it might lead to more harm than good. Rough Jelqing can lead to pain, bruising, and even at times lead to erectile dysfunction.


Are the Effects Long-Term or Short-Term?


Any progress from Jelqing is considered largely long-term. Doing the exercises for a shorter period can lead to short terms gains. The longer you continue with the exercises, the more likely you will have permanent results stick longer. When you stop abruptly, then you are likely to lose length and thickness. It is thus better to be consistent but cautiously to avoid causing any pain or discomfort or pain to yourself.


You can try Jelqing, but expecting your penis to increase in size and girth within a short time might be a stretch. It is essential to be consistent, and trying out other techniques of penis enlargement together with Jelqing can come in handy for you.


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