How To Use a Penis Extender

How To Use a Penis Extender

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Penis stretchers provide a scientifically-backed method to increase the length of your penis permanently. We are not trying to say that this is the only way to grow your penis, as there are many other methods you can use to achieve penile gains (some are temporary and some are permanent). Some of the common methods include penis pumps, cock rings, and plumping creams.

However, penis extenders offer a longer-lasting and more effective solution. We highly recommend trying a penis extender before you decide on taking dangerous medications or risky and invasive surgery.

If penis extenders really are so effective, then why are they not as well-known as other types of male-enhancement devices and products? The answer to this question mainly has to do with the fact that penis extenders require more time, persistence, and dedication to achieve desirable results. The correct use of a penis extender can take months to achieve the results you are looking for. And in the fast-paced world that we live in, most men are more interested in an instant or quick fix.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders are made up of 2 rings that are positioned at the head and base of your penis. The rings are connected by 2 extendable and thin traction bars that stretch across the entire length of your penis. The high-end models come with a soft and pliable “comfort ring” that is positioned inside the ring at the head of your penis, which performs the function of holding the penis in place. These comfort rings are generally made from foam or other soft materials, to enhance comfort for the wearer. The penis extender works by gradually extending the traction bars which increase the traction and stretch. This process helps to extend the length of your penis over time.

These devices are regarded as effective since they apply a measured and constant stretch (or traction) to your manhood. This technique creates very small tears that start to heal through a process known as cytokinesis (cell division) and mitosis (cell separation). You may have already heard of the work “cytokinesis” which is commonly used in gyms. This process also promotes muscle mass. This is where a common expression such as “getting ripped” is derived from. Unlike bodybuilding, results from stretching your penis become permanent.


To understand this process further it is important to know that not only the skin cells are multiplying. If this happened, you would be left with a dangling and long penis that wouldn’t change very much when you achieve an erection. The spongy tissues inside your penis that are filled with blood vessels are also going through a process when you stretch your penis. As the blood vessels start to increase, the size and hardness of your penis will also increase.

What this ultimately means is that when you use a penis extending device you will notice that your penis has grown when it is erect and when it’s soft. This will surely help you to increase your confidence when it comes to your male member. Whether it means showing off a larger bulge in your pants or when you strip down in a change room at the gym. Or more importantly, when it comes to having sex with your significant other.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use A Penis Extender

#1 Get Warmed Up

Give your manhood a brief and light rub to achieve full flaccid size. Avoid going overboard by allowing your penis to get hard.

#2 Choose The Correct Traction Rods

If you have chosen one of the top-end penis stretchers, these devices come with traction rods in different sizes. Choose the rod that fits you best, rather than the size you would like to achieve.

#3 Insert Your Penis Into The Extender From The Base Ring Up To The Base Of Your Penis

Do not let your balls get trapped in there.

#4 If The Extender Has A Rubber-Comfort Strap Position It On The Head Of Your Penis

Tighten the string on the head gently until there is enough tension to keep your glans (head) in place. Make sure that it is not too tight that it becomes painful. If you feel any discomfort, then you are doing something wrong. Stop and go over the instructions again, to ensure you are doing everything right.

#5 Adjust The Pull (Tension) On The Extender

This is the “traction” part of Penile Traction Therapy. Decrease or increase the pull by turning each knob on the extendable bars. Avoid over-stretching, especially to begin with. We cannot emphasize this point enough. You will be wearing this device up to 42 hours every week, so it is important not to over-extend yourself, too quickly.

#6 Get Your Timing Right

In the first week, do not go over 4 hours, splitting the time over 2 to 3 daily sessions. Once you start getting used to the feeling, increase the time to 5 to 6 hours to improve your results.

#7 Give Your Penis Time To Recover And Relax After Stretching

This means no sexual encounters or jerking off for at least an hour after you take the device off. We are sure you want to experiment with your latest gains, but you should hold off for a bit.

Helpful Tips On Safety And Warnings

Most guys prefer instant results when it comes to enhancing their male members. But when it comes to a penis extender you need to commit to patience and prepare to work towards a goal for at least 6 months. Here is our 8 point guide that will help you stay on track. This guide includes the framework to get into a routine, and advice on how to stay safe.

#1 Choose A Premium Penis Extender

Before you buy an extender, consider the materials that the product is constructed out of. Plastic components need to be professional-grade or medical polymer. Some people may try homemade solutions, but that can be risky.

#2 Set Realistic Goals And Expectations

Penis stretchers provide proven results. However, the results are typically finite and vary from one man to the next. In one of the reviews, a man that used a penis stretcher every day over a period of 6 months, noticed that the length of his flaccid penis increased by 32%. He also noticed an increase of 36% in size when his penis was hard. Using this as an example, the average man with a 5.16-inch penis can expect gains of about 1.8 inches. This would result in a penis of around 7 inches long. We are sure that you will agree with us that these results are pretty impressive. Other studies have indicated girth gains of around 1/3 inch every month.

There is also research that indicates that men often experience growth of around 1-inch in length. Even from the most modest side of this spectrum, the results will definitely be worth your commitment and time. It is important to keep in mind, that you will only be able to stretch to a certain point before causing damages to your erection quality. In severe cases, some men have lost their ability to gain an erection at all.

#3 Come Up With A Daily Routine That You Can Stick To

Optimal results were derived from studies where men wore the device for 4 to 6 hours every day over a period of 6 months. It is important to plan a routine that you will be able to stick to. Consider these points before you get started:

– Do not wear the device in bed. Movements, while you are sleeping, can result in damage and pain.

– Avoid wearing your penis extender when exercising or playing sport.

– Try not to wear the device when you are driving. Some men find it a challenge to get out or into a vehicle. Others find the device uncomfortable to wear especially on long journeys.

These precautions or restrictions mean that most men prefer to wear the device while they are at work. This is not unusual or strange. Most of the modern penis stretchers are designed for comfort and they are also unnoticeable.

#4 Make Gradual And Slow Increases To The Tension And Stretch

We spoke about cell separation (mitosis), earlier on in this guide, and cell division (cytokinesis). These processes only work well from tiny tears and very gradual extensions. Some guys find it useful to regularly take measurements and record their gains. We encourage this since you will be offered an achievable and definite goal. This is one of those times where it is worth it to be systematic and methodical.

#5 Don’t Stop Once You Have Reached Your Target

Rather than stopping altogether, reduce your tension and traction time for the next month. If you stop too soon, your manhood could “heal”, which means you will lose a bit of your hard-earned gains. You will need at least 6 months to achieve the best results.

#6 Wear The Correct Clothing

This is an important tip. Penis stretchers are made to wear under your underwear and a pair of pants. Garments that fit loosely are preferable when possible.

#7 Penis Extenders Are Serious Medical Devices

It is important not to confuse a penis extender with a penis pump. Some men get aroused by inflating their penis. So these devices are often treated as male-enhancement products and a type of sex toy.

A penis extender should never be used as a “sex toy”. If you do it could lead to serious injuries for both you and the person you are sleeping with.

#8 Make The Most From Your Gains

Cock rings and penis plumping creams will help to add temporary girth and length. Using a delay cream or spray can also help you go for longer before shooting your load. It also amplifies the intensity of your climax. Once you have reached your desired goal, you may want to use a penis pump to add a temporary enhancement.

Most of us know that size is not everything. It’s more about how you are using your penis that will determine how you are satisfying your partner. At the same time, just about every guy that we know would like to take advantage of an opportunity to increase the size of their penis by an inch or two. So, get started today, and get into your own extending routine.

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