Semenax Review (Exclusive Coupon Code) {Updated July 2024}

Semenax Review
Product Score
Formula Quality
Enlargement Potential
Testosterone Boosting
Long-Term Results
Customer Reviews

AVG Rating

4.8 / 5

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*individual Results May Vary

Semenax Review (Exclusive Coupon Code) {Updated July 2024}

Semenax Review
Product Score
Formula Quality
Enlargement Potential
Testosterone Boosting
Long-Term Results
Customer Reviews

AVG Rating

4.8 / 5

Best Available Pricing

*individual Results May Vary

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Alessandra Kessler

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2022, at 16:46 Are you looking to increase your semen volume in the bedroom? Semenax is the #1 rated semen volume booster and we have an incredible special for our readers only.
For a limited time by using our special code “URHBONUS” at check out you will receive a free bottle of Semenax with qualifying purchase. Continue to read below on why we are such a huge advocate of the Semenax pills.
why trust us
Semenax is a go-to brand for men who want to boost their semen volume. The company has been manufacturing a very specific blend of herbs for over 15-years and they have thousands of satisfied customers internationally. The intellectual property rights are
held by Semenax but they also use brands that are part of the distribution for wholesale distribution. All the ingredients are 100% natural and they’re clinically proven for their effectiveness at improving men’s health overall
with an emphasis on providing the body with the key nutrients needed to improve sperm volume. According to a study done by the World Health Organization in 2010, the average sperm volume is just 3.7ml. However, even men who are
satisfied with their current volume can benefit from shooting bigger loads because the climax obviously lasts longer. The more volume you have, the longer and more intense the orgasms are. These make for a more powerful climax. Overall, Semenax is the male enhancement choice for better intercourse with a far superior orgasm.

The ingredients found in Semenax include:

  • L-Carintine
  • L-Arinine HCI
  • L-Lysine
  • Maca Root
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Catuaba bark
  • Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf)
  • Marapuama
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Cranberry Extract
  • Sarsaparilla root
  • Avena Sative Extract
  • Swedish Flower
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E
  • Tribulus Terrestris (vine)

As you’ll see in the ingredients list, there are similarities to both VigRX Plus and Male Extra, but several more are blended in the Semenax formula to provide both sexual enhancement and volume enhancement. Additionally, the combination of L-Lysine and
L-Arginine gives greater testosterone boosting effects than when they’re used on their own.  


Adverse Effects of Semenax

Taking Semenax should be positive because there are no synthetic chemicals used. Every ingredient is natural. That said, the dosage is four pills daily and this should be stuck to because taking more will not speed up the effects. In fact, like most dietary
supplements, taking more than you should normally result in adverse side effects, most notably headaches, nausea, and bloating. Provided you stick to four pills daily, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects. It should also be noted that a number of the
ingredients are natural stimulants so if you have existing health conditions, it is advisable to speak to your doctor before you start taking Semenax or any other health supplement.

How Long Until You Can Expect Results

Any volume enhancer worth their salt is going to take months of using it at the recommended dosage until you start to experience results and Semenex is no different. They do state to give it at least three months before you notice results, however, there
have been reports of users noticing a virility increase within the first month of using this. Those aren’t to be expected though so if you do experience early results, consider it a bonus. The most crucial thing with Semenax is to continue the usage and
given the dosage is four pills daily, it is quite a lot to swallow. Furthermore, these can be combined with other male enhancement pills to both increase penile function and
boost the volume of seminal fluid the body is able to produce. What’s more… you could just find yourself able to go a second round!  

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Semenax review

This is a complete review of Semenax that covers everything you need to know to decide if it's the right fit for you.

Let’s not shy away from the subject. One of the most important factors that constitute a satisfactory sexual experience is semen volume. It’s important not only for men but also for women. A higher semen volume makes a man prouder and more satisfied, which in turn can make a woman happier and more satisfied too. It’s instinctive, or tribal even.

Rightly or wrongly, releasing a higher quantity of semen makes men feel much more fulfilled. However, not producing enough semen volume has become a common issue for modern men.

That’s where a male enhancement product like Semenax comes in. If you’re interested in male enhancement products like Semenax or just looking to learn whether it’s worth buying it or not, then this Semenax review will give you the answers you need.

If you’re suffering from an issue of lesser semen deliverance or a lower semen volume, then Semenax might just be for you. It’s safe to use, natural, and an effective male enhancement product you should certainly consider.

Check out the difference between Semenax vs Volume Pills


review of Semenax


What is Semenax?

Semenax is a sexual function product that improves your sexual performance and increases the sperm count (similar to Volume pills). In this Semenax review, we’ll establish whether Semenax is worth buying or not. We’ll also take a look at what Semenax does, how it works, how to take Semenax pills, and whether there are any side effects.

The provider (Leading Edge Health) claims that Semenax can increase your semen volume loads by up to 70%. Compared to some other male enhancement products, Semenax is safe to use, as it’s made from an all-natural formula. It contains important amino acids such as L-arginine and L-lysine, as well as other natural ingredients such as Swedish flower pollen, Macca, pumpkin seeds, Hawthorne, and of course, the all-important nutrient when it comes to fertility, zinc.

Semenax promises the following benefits:

  • Increased semen volume and production
  • Longer and more satisfactory orgasms
  • Great long-term results with an improved sexual performance
  • Greater pleasure

Semenax comes in the form of pills, and it is recommended to take the pills 2-4 times a day for a prolonged period; some users have indicated that it took 3 months to start seeing results, while others reported it only took three weeks. However, it is recommended you will need to take Semenax pills on a regular basis twice a day to get the best results possible.

Who is
Semenax For?

Semenax is for any man who is experiencing a lower semen volume or semen count and is starting to see a regression in their sex drive. As we age, it’s completely normal to lose sex drive and experience a lower semen volume; however, this doesn’t mean that Semenax is only for older men. Younger men often use Semenax to increase their semen volume, after all, it’s perfectly normal for young people to care about their sexual health too.

Male enhancement products are perfect for guys who like to order online instead of visiting the doctor. Some men find it uncomfortable to talk about their sexual issues; whether it’s a decrease in sexual drive, premature ejaculation, or overall sexual health problems. Semenax is worth a try even if you’re just curious to see if it can work for you.

Buying Semenax online gives you the privacy that is often desired when buying such a product. Leading Edge Health makes sure you will receive your Sem product safely and discreetly.

The Ingredients of Semenax

The ingredients of Semenax are carefully picked so that they combine together well. There are 17 ingredients in Semenax altogether, and it’s a healthy mixture of natural ingredients, amino acids, and some key nutrients that help you with fertility and semen volume. There are also antioxidants in Semenax, giving you better endurance, stamina, and fertility.

The manufacturer clearly lists all ingredients on the information label of the bottle itself as well as on its official website. Always make sure you check out all ingredients to ensure there are none you may be allergic to.

Here's a short rundown of some of the main ingredients in Semenax.

Swedish flower pollen is one of the important key natural ingredients in Semenax. It’s widely considered to be one of the best ingredients to improve prostate gland function. It regulates the prostate by reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels while increasing blood flow and, improving your mood and your libido at the same time.

L-arginine is a key amino acid within the body, increasing the production of proteins which allows for better blood flow to come to your penis. It will help you get better, harder, and longer erections, which will massively increase your sex drive and semen volume.

L-arginine is a constant when it comes to libido boosters, erection products, and volume boosters (such as Volume pills). It works by producing nitric oxide, which is a free radical that helps your body to combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

L-lysine is also a protein-building amino acid, and it helps increase the blood flow to your penis by removing the build-up that often occurs in your blood vessels. This increase in blood supply to the penis improves penile erection and is particularly good for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. L-lysine is fairly similar to L-arginine.

Zinc is known for being one of the crucial chemical elements that boost testosterone and libido. Zinc aspartate and oxide are excellent for treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction and are often referred to as semen volume boosters.

Also known as the Horny Goat Weed, the epimedium leaf will allow more blood flow to come to your penis. That’s mainly thanks to the active ingredient called Icariin, which unblocks arteries and blood vessels allowing for an increase in blood flow to your penis.

L-Carnitine is another crucial amino acid to aid fertility. It will help you to have better orgasms and increase sperm count by improving your mood. It will also directly affect orgasm quality, which greatly contributes to the overall value of using the product.

Semenax also contains Catuaba bark, this type of bark will improve male sexual arousal and libido. It’s a brilliant ingredient for treating erectile dysfunction and improving sexual health and satisfaction for men. Perhaps it’s not the most well-known ingredient, Catuaba is, however, one of those ingredients that will improve your virility, erections and make sure your overall feeling is improved.

Unsurprisingly, we’ll also find pumpkin seeds within Semenax, as they are widely considered to be one of the best, natural libido boosters. That’s because they are rich in zinc and magnesium, and also other Omega 3-rich ingredients. They improve your prostate health and also allow you to relax better. With the many healthy fatty ingredients and nutrient-packed properties, pumpkin seeds are a very common ingredient in similar products.

Maca, or Peruvian ginseng, improves the quality of semen and improves a man’s sexual drive. It also proves to be a valuable ingredient for promoting longer and harder erections. Maca, or the Maca root, to be more precise, is one of the most popular and well-known ingredients for male enhancement. Maca root in Semenax is used to increase your libido.

Hawthorn berry is full of antioxidants that not only improve your libido but also boost your overall health. This will allow you to have better orgasms, greater results in the sexual department, and overall better health. Hawthorn is commonly present in many medications; however, the difference is that in Semenax, the berry is used, while for other medications, it is the leaves and flowers that are primarily used.

In addition to having some clear benefits for your sexual wellbeing, hawthorn also carries other benefits, such as overall health improvement.

Vitamin E is widely considered to be the most important vitamin for increasing testosterone naturally. The great news is that Semenex is full of vitamin E. Several studies have shown that Vitamin E contains some of the most crucial antioxidants that not only improve semen volume but also its mobility.

It provides you with better sperm quality and improved fertility at the same time. Many men suffer from Vitamin E deficiency, and supplements like this one can really help boost the libido and increase testosterone without any need for surgical interventions.

Other ingredients mentioned on the official website are cranberry, wild oat straw, sarsaparilla, pine bark extract, and Muira Puama.

Are There Any Side Effects of Semenax?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to male enhancement medication and pills is their side effects. The truth is that many men are afraid of taking these products mainly due to a higher risk of experiencing unwarranted side effects. But the great news with Semenax is that there are no notable side effects as long as you follow manufacturer instructions.

The recommended dosage is to take Semanax is at least twice a day, and should you wish to, you can take up to 4 pills daily to see results faster. You’ll be able to enjoy better orgasms and you’ll also see an increase in semen volume.

The formula behind Semenax has been supported and tested by doctors and specialists familiar in the use of sperm count products, more information can be found on the Semanex official website.

How to Take Semenax Safely and How Long it Takes to Work

When you buy Semenax, please read all the instructions written on the packaging carefully. Normally, Semenax comes in bottles of 120 pills and should be taken at least twice a day. This should be enough pills for at least one month.

However, for better and faster results, it’s recommended to take up to 4 pills daily. However, if you find it a hassle to take so much in one day, don’t worry – you can take less, the choice is yours.

By taking Semenax pills on a regular, daily basis, it allows your body to receive these crucial nutrients, amino acids, and natural ingredients and build up in your body over time. The body will store these nutrients and make them available for the next time your body needs them.

How long does it take for the results to start showing?

Obviously, we want to see the results as fast as possible. Semenax reviews show results have varied from user to user. Some users have noted seeing an effect from Semenax in as little as a week while others have reported it to take much longer. A much more realistic time frame for the results is more like 2-4 weeks, however, in some cases, it may be a few months. Make sure you stay consistent even if there are no results initially. It’s recommended to keep taking Semenax for 2-3 months for optimal, long-term results.

After 3 months if you start to see the desired result, you should keep taking Semenax daily.

Additional Resources

And the Results of Semenax?

Now the crucial part of this review, the part that you’re probably here for – the results. Does Semenax work as it should, and does it provide the results you want?

The answer is yes, Semenax can be a very effective way to improve the volume of your orgasms and thus improving your sexual life significantly. Also, you can expect an increase in libido, more pleasurable sex, better orgasms with a better volume, and better sex life in general. All you need to do is make sure that you take the Semenax pills regularly – at least twice daily for three months or longer.

Semenax is perhaps one of the best products for improving your sexual life, your orgasms, and having pleasurable sex every time you practice it. Semenax has been found to be safe to use, made of natural ingredients that will provide you with a combination of some crucial nutrients needed to help improve sexual performance and intercourse. This product is a must for men suffering from decreased semen volume, erectile dysfunction, unsatisfactory orgasms, and other sexual problems.

The truth is that Semenax contains many helpful ingredients that are guaranteed to bring you some level of improvement to sexual function. However, the best way to find out if Semenax is right for you is to test it out yourself.

Similar to Volume Pills, Semenax will provide you with more powerful and satisfying orgasms. However, the effects of Semenax are far more complete compared to Volume Pills. One of the ways that Semenax is superior is the overall increase of libido, drive, and overall better health and wellbeing.

Where to Buy Semenax Online?

The best place to purchase Semenax is from the official website . Right Now you can use our exclusive code “URHBONUS” to receive a FREE BOTTLE OF SEMENAX with a qualifying purchase.

Leading provider Edge Health is known for being one of the safest and most reputable providers when it comes to sexual life boosters, libido boosters, and general health medications. And the great news is that you can buy it online now, from the comfort and privacy of your home! Edge Health can also ship worldwide too.

Normally, Semenax comes as a 120-pill package, which generally is enough for about a month.

The following packaging options are also available, this includes the following sets:

It’s always worth to buy the 1-month package first and see if it works for you. However, if you decide to buy in bulk, you can expect some really generous prices and some good discounts too.

Warning: Do not purchase from unreputable websites and providers that do not have the official license to ship this product. While the product itself might look just like the original, you might receive a counterfeit product that is completely different. it’s always safest to buy it from the official website.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Semenax?

The majority of the reviews on the official website of Semenax are positive. Most customers that leave a review on the website praise the customer service and are satisfied with delivery. Most reviews also praise the product itself and the great effects it had on their sex life.

Many customers report that their orgasms have been far more abundant and satisfying than before, showing the product does what it says it can do. Some customers also noted that it does take some time for it to start working – a couple of weeks or so. A small number of users reported they saw visible results in just a couple of days. However, generally, it’s after a month or so when results really start to get better and better.

Before you try the product yourself and find yourself leaving a positive review, too, you must make sure you stick to the instructions that the product gives. Also, you must be consistent with the use of Semenax and don’t expect to see results overnight. While you may see some minor improvements at first, it will take you a month or more to experience the full potential of Semenax.


Semenax is an all-natural supplement aimed to increase semen volume. It has been known to assist with:

  • longer orgasms.
  • better orgasm control.
  • Shooting massive loads for an amazing finish.
  • Please your partner with wild orgasmic contractions.

Yes, and the reason behind this is simple. The amount of semen determines how hard your sexual organs contract and how long the contractions last. A higher volume of semen means that orgasms last longer, are more intense, and are definitely a more enjoyable sexual experience for both parties involved

Even if you’ve had a vasectomy, you can still expect a more satisfactory experience when it comes to sexual intercourse. It has several beneficial ingredients that will boost your libido and improve your sex quality.

If you’re not completely satisfied by Semenax and are not convinced by it, then a refund is available. This refund period lasts for 60 days, and you’ll only get the money back for the pills (minus shipping and takes). If you do require a refund because you are not satisfied, then you should keep your empty bottles as proof of purchase.

If you’re experiencing a worse performance or a deteriorating performance in the bedroom, or if you’re worried that your libido is decreasing, then Semenax might just be the perfect answer for you. Also, if you’re trying to get your partner pregnant but it just not working for you both, then you can give Semenax a try to increase your semen volume. Semenax is not only suitable for elderly men; it’s a helpful tool for just about any male trying to increase their libido, improve their sperm count, and ensure a better sexual performance.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that Semenax is a low-risk system that allows you a 60-day trial. if you’re not satisfied, you can return it and get a refund. In this review, we’ve tried to show you where Semenax can work for you, what’s in it, who it is for, and what side effects it has. We think it’s an excellent product with several useful natural ingredients and beneficial nutrients that every male should try.

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