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The Roman Product Line


Roman products have become one of the major players in anything to do with men’s reproductive health for decades. Roman is known for providing some of the best suitable products and treatments for reproductive issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and being very discreet in all their customer service. As one of the top telemedicine companies, it has dedicated its resources to develop the best treatments and give customers access to healthcare remotely. Below is a review on Roman wipes, one of the products that have received more sales since its launch. It includes general information about the Roman wipes, the pros and cons, and the product’s design in its entirety. With this unbiased review, you can decide if using Roman swipes is the right choice for you or anyone else you can recommend.

Roman Swipes

You may have heard about Roman Swipes, but it is first essential to understand what they are before jumping into the wagon to use them as a solution to your problem. For a start, it is a topical treatment that can be in different forms. They can be in sprays, creams but the Roman Swipes are mainly in small towelettes with a numbing fluid. Most topical endurance wipes are commonly referred to as wipes, but Roman has branded them as Roman Swipes from the application procedure to wipe on the sensitive area. The wipes are moist towels with the active ingredient. The Roman Swipes use is also convenient since it is less messy than other alternatives such as creams and sprays. They are discarded once used.

Roman swipes are mainly used for premature ejaculation, which is quite common in today’s society. Even though many men don’t admit to dealing with premature ejaculation, there are more men with the problem from research done, which has resulted in treatment increase twofold recently. An estimated 30 percent of men globally suffer from premature ejaculation, and buying approved treatments is one of the most effective solutions known today. One of the most popular treatments is using Roman Swipes, which is a non-prescription topical treatment. The Roman swiped developed for premature ejaculation work by reducing the penis sensation by dulling it to keep the sexual sensation less intense while still retaining the sexual pleasure. This process allows men with premature ejaculation to last longer during sexual activity. The main active ingredient utilized in the Roman swipes is just 4% benzocaine, a topical aesthetic developed for this function.

Benefits of Roman Swipe

Roman swipes have their pros, making it an excellent product to consider most men with the problem. Some of these are:


According to most men who have used it, the side effects of Roman swipes are not severe and even tend to be rare. It is only allergic to some men and advisable to consult a Ro doctor if there are any topical allergic reactions from the first usage. They can be used both before oral sex or intercourse. The benzocaine active ingredient is also safe to use, with its usage dating back to the early 20th century. It is approved in the medical industry and regulated by authorities all over the world.


It is hard to know the function of the product just by looking at it from a distance. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and odorless when it dries after application, making it hard to notice even when using it with your partner.


Roman swipe’s positive effects are fast since it only takes about 5 minutes to dry right after application.



According to research, four out of five men have no premature ejaculation anymore after using Roman swipes for a minimum of two months. Results show that sexual endurance improved significantly with numbers up to 75 seconds to more than 5 minutes. Even within the first month of usage, there is an average stamina improvement of about 3 minutes. There are different tactics that, with a combination of the Roman swipes, can make the ejaculation treatment more effective.



Roman swipes are developed to be as affordable as possible so that many men with premature ejaculation can access the treatment and get the issue out of their life for good. Its cost is just $27 per month, which is less expensive than other products in the market. IT even gets more affordable if you set a 3-month supply commitment with a $22 monthly price for 24 swipes.


Orgasms are Better

Most men take an average of about 7 minutes from penetration to ejaculation. This is a standard figure, and less than 2 minutes between the start and ejaculation is considered premature. On the other hand, lasting more than 10 minutes is considered too long. This is all based on medical research conducted over decades.

For most men, 7 minutes maybe a short time, but it’s more normal than they realize. It is possible to make the process longer for more connected orgasmic sex, but it all depends on the person and their partner.

Less Sexual Performance Anxiety

One of the enormous benefits of using Roman swipes for premature ejaculation is that you get to have sexual intercourse without the worries of underperformance due to fast ejaculation. Getting the full experience organisms is a great way to enjoy the entire session of your sexual experience giving your partner the best time since you can last longer than you used to. Overcoming the anxiety due to premature ejaculation also has long-term benefits when you stop using it, making you more comfortable to offer so much more for your partner. Getting sexual orgasms every time you have sex is perfect for an excellent sexual experience.

According to statistics, most men have a general concern about their sexual performance. The thought sometimes gets in the way, hence trying out Roman Swipes products even when they don’t have any premature ejaculation problems.

Since sex is perceived to be an exciting moment, most guys agree that the approach should always be free of stress, anxiety, and worry. Getting deprived of the ecstasy of sexual contact because of only pleasing your partner or anxiety due to premature ejaculation leads to more problems than you may have expected. That’s where products like Roman swipes come in.

The more intense pleasure you feel due to more time during sex will for sure eliminate the performance anxiety you have been dealing with. As you experience more intense pleasure, you’ll be able to eliminate every trace of performance anxiety. Using the Roman swipes should be constant until the physician’s recommended time or the product description as you review changes during your sexual activities.


The design of the Roman swipes has the customer’s needs in mind. All the content for use within the small package makes it portable and convenient to go anywhere and use it privately and with a partner. The packaging is also as simple as it gets and doesn’t stand out from other sexual enhancement products and even the size of a primary condom packaging. As an over-the-counter drug, you can access it anytime from local drug stores and even online stores which offer the best discreet packaging during shipping.


  • Free 2-day shipping
  • No trips to the pharmacy
  • Discreet packaging
  • Cancel anytime


Swipes ship in unmarked packaging, fit in your pocket, and leave no scent or taste after drying.

Why Trust Roman Swipes

You know you can trust Roman for your Premature Ejaculation using the Roman swipes and other treatments due to their model in making customers access the medications. Their telehealth service experience is excellent as it allows you to directly consult with a professional certified medical doctor from the comfort of your home. The roman wipes and the competitive pricing through the subscription model make it better for everyone while providing credibility to the firm and its products and services.

Currently, two Roman offers have been compelling to the clientele. Roman now offers free doctor’s visits, which is excellent in finding the right type of prescription that makes sense. Whether it is the recommended Roman swipes or any other treatment, you increase your chances of getting the best treatment by utilizing Roman free doctor visits. Roman also has a great offer of $10 off the first orders for premature ejaculation wipes, which is a fair offer for anyone starting their journey into treating their premature ejaculation problem. So, you can have low-risk experimentation and find out of the product works for you. How to book an online doctor’s appointment via Roman to access advice on using Roman Swipes.

Getting a doctor’s consultation about premature ejaculation is pretty easy on the Roman platform. Most of the time, the talks are done via online, video, or phone consultations for the right prescriptions and recommendations. The platform has many advantages, such as managing and tracking your orders, refill prescriptions, and getting all the answers, you need concerning premature ejaculation and any other sexually-related problem you might be facing or curious about. The platform is also discreet, just like its packaging, and easy to use. The following are some of the steps to take:

The first step is registration straight from Roman’s website. You will be required to accept the Roman telehealth terms of service before moving into the next process. Providing some of your details is mandatory to make it easier for the consulting doctors to know where you are coming from and the information they will provide to you next. You will get a couple of questions about your health, and it is imperative to give the answers with the highest accuracy possible.

Medication Selection
Roman offers both “Over the Counter” and prescription for premature ejaculation treatments. Roman swipes are some of the most considered solutions prescribed by Roman consulting doctors based on the information’s consultation sessions. The roman swipes don’t always require an in-person doctor’s visit since there is less fear of the adverse effects it can cause, which are rare. The recommendations on your medication selection will largely depend on your condition, and the doctor will give you a couple of choices to choose from and try out for a start.

Pricing – The pricing is also transparent; hence you can make reviews of prices anytime and make comfortable selections from comparisons from alternative pharmacies around your local area.

Dosage Selection – For the dosage selection, this is where you may need a proper doctor consultation before your dosage selection. The Roman doctors can give you precise information about this.

Sexual Health questions – For the online questions, you may find them weird to answer since it seems awkward to answer questions about your sexual conduct, but they are easier to do online than in real life.

Information on Blood Pressure – Part of the requirement is submitting the latest blood pressure reading. Information on your blood pressure is as important as your treatment since abnormal blood pressure has other indications on the causes of problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The medication you will be recommended is based on essential details such as blood pressure to the effects of medical combinations that may lead to other adverse problems. They will give you recommendations on the medicines to avoid when taking premature ejaculation medication.

Provide Face Pictures – The registration process will need some information from pictures of your face and your identity card. You can take the images straight from your computer or your phone and upload them to the website, whichever option you choose. The process is more about the administration and regulations of the service.

Details on Payment – Payment is vital to access the full service. You will be prompted to provide the payment details you are using or any premature ejaculation medication you may have already been using or not to get the recommended approval. According to service terms, you only get final charges after booking an appointment and meeting up with the doctor for the consultation and confirmation on your subscription. You will need to be a bit patient to get an available doctor after the final submission of your form. Reviewing the online request by the doctor is usually done within 24 hours after your submission.


Roman Swipes Cons:

Roman wipes also have cons, which may influence your choice on the premature ejaculation treatment.

• It may not work with other men.
• Doesn’t last as long.
• It might cause adverse irritation if allergic.
• It is not accessible all over the world.

The research on the use of Benzocaine Wipes

A recent study first brought benzocaine wipes such as Roman swipes in the public’s light. Veru Inc. funded the 4% benzocaine wipes to be used in a wide range of wipe products in the study and the market, which later became the current Roman Swipes. The research included up to 21 straight adult men who were in serious relationships and the effects of benzocaine wipes.

To make them eligible for the studies, the 21 men had common characteristics vital for the study’s effectiveness.
• They all had reports of serious ejaculation time. Most of them had utterly no control of their ejaculation, and those who did had very little power. The condition is also called intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT).
• Their short ejaculation time was quite distressing to them.
• The ejaculation time for most of them was barely 2 minutes after penetration, which was quite frustrating both to them and their partners.

Half of the men got recommendations for wipes with the 4% benzocaine solution before intravaginal sex, while the remaining six men got placebo wipes.

The results were followed up after two months, and the men who got to use the Benzocaine had a much longer IELT than the men who used the placebo wipes. The use of the benzocaine wipes enabled the men to stay for more than 2 minutes before ejaculation. The report from the men who used the benzocaine wipes are as follows:

• Improvement of their IELT made them feel less distressed.
• They felt they had more control over their ejaculation, even those who didn’t have total control from the beginning.
• There was more sexual satisfaction among the men.

The Follow-Up

The same researchers and authors on Benzocaine did another study in 2019 following up in their initial research in 2017. The findings were quite similar, mostly based on PRE BOOST benzocaine wipes. Men who used the Benzocaine on their genitals, especially on the penis head, before sexual intercourse had an increased IELT with an increase from 165 seconds after use in 1 month and 329 seconds after about two months of constant use. The men who used the placebo wipes never got a positive report on IELT increase for a long time.
It is important to note that the studies are not as perfect as they ought to look. When the data is self-reported, it is not always reliable to use it since it is mainly based on the memories of the moments when they ejaculated and how long they took.

Improvement in sexual satisfaction might also be based on the placebo effect wince they had high hopes that the wipes will indeed work and improve their performance twofold. This may be a perception of the wipes’ working and not necessarily the chemical effect on the body’s functionality from using the Benzocaine. The main differences between the two groups’ results show that premature ejaculation wipers improve and work very well in ejaculation timing increase.

How Does It Feel Using Roman Swipes?

What the process feels like is mainly dependent on the individual. The use of other products for numbing the body, such as creams or gels, is roughly the same as using the Roman Swipes. The nerves get numbed for a short time and remain like that until it wears off. Contrary to what some misinformed people believe, the numbness is not uncomfortable or painful.

According to some customers who have used it, they report that the numbness is different from wearing a thicker condom. They usually are to reduce the sensation that comes during sexual penetration. The pressure inside your partner is still inside, but there is a reduction in nerve stimulation but not absent. The numbness experiences it just a bit strange if you are not used to it, but most men get used to the feeling when using Roman Swipes. When the numbness wears off, you can feel a little bit of distress, especially when you are new to using the Roman swipes and if planning to continue having sex right after the first ejaculation. It is vital to note that there have not been reports of any pain when using benzocaine wipes and the Roman Swipes.

Side effects

Like any other made product, Roman Swipes are not that perfect as some men tend to have a couple of side effects. They are not significant side effects, but they are essential to look at. Some of these side effects include:

• Due to lack or minimal sensation during sexual intercourse, it is possible to develop erectile dysfunction, which is not a side effect that anyone who wants to deal with premature ejaculation needs to have.

• The friction caused by rubbing and thrusting during sexual intercourse can sometimes cause burns or injuries due to lack of sensation to even feel the friction.
For your penis, the use of Benzocaine can have some side effects of its own, which tend to be generally uncomfortable. Some of these effects include:

• Flaking of the penile skin.
• Sensitivity due to the wiped area getting tender.
• Itching around the penis.
• redness or warmth
• Burning sensation
• Stinging sensation

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Benzocaine’s use for a long time can be linked to methemoglobinemia, a blood disorder. This is a warning to look out for but might be rare for those who don’t have any adverse side effects from benzocaine wipes. This condition results in too much of a substance called methemoglobin being released into your body.


Roman swipes or any other product and service is highly recommended for men looking for the most convenient way to access reproductive medical care that is affordable, discreet, and high-quality. Though the treatments have their cons, the pros have proven to outweigh the cons, making them one of the best products to consider approved to be on the market to date. The more information you have, the better it is both before and during the use of Roman Swipes.

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