ProEnhance Patch Vs Vimax Patch

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Male Enhancement Patches are a new revolution in the world of sexual health. Wearing a patch definitely has its advantages over taking pills, but there are not many patches currently available on the market.


Here are 2 of the top male enhancement patches we found to compare. These two both have good reviews online, but how do they actually compare when testing them out. ProEnhance and Vimax patches both claim to offer the same solution to men’s sexual health issues. In this article, we will review which one worked best for us.

where to put a proenhance patchPatch Ingredients

In looking at the ingredients of both patches, ProEnhance and Vimax claim to have 100% all-natural ingredients. In comparing the ingredients side by side, they are almost the same.


These are the typical ingredients you will find in most male sexual health supplements available on the market today.


In reviewing both companies’ websites, Vimax does offer several male enhancement products, but we couldn’t find out much about them as a company.


ProEnhance patches, on the other hand, are made by Leading Health Edge, a well-known manufacturer in the health supplements industry.




Both patches are designed to be used for 3 days at a time. This makes the use incredibly easy and discreet. This is a key benefit of using pills that you have to take every day. Both patches should be placed on dry clean skin in a comfortable but discreet area. You should never wear more than one patch at a time, and they should be replaced after using for 3 days.




This was a bit surprising, but the ProEnhance Patch actually cost less than the lesser-known Vimax patch. You can find specials on both patches if you look at the right time. We have a special promo code for our readers available on our ProEnhance Review page.




After testing out both patches and researching the companies behind them, we have come up with a winner. The ProEnhance Patch is the clear winner. ProEnhance has a better price and a team behind them to start. This patch also performed better across the board in our testing. If you are looking for a reliable male enhancement patch at an affordable price, check out the ProEnhance Male Enhancement patch.

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