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What are PREBOOST Wipes?

You will most likely be surprised to learn more than 30 percent of all men have experienced premature ejaculation. A lot of these men have already tried numerous methods to slow down ejaculation only to meet with failure. Some men tried edging, others the squeeze technique, and many purchased male enhancement products that simply did not work.

Premature ejaculation is both a common condition and extremely frustrating for both you and your partner. There is now an option available you could not find in the past. This option is called PREBOOST Wipes. You may have heard them referred to as premature ejaculation wipes or benzocaine wipes. The wipes are disposable and moistened using a numbing agent.

The idea is to numb the nerves of your penis to slow down the ejaculation process. This type of wipe first became available in 2017. This was due to an innovative study showing men could delay ejaculation by wiping down their penis with a numbing agent before having penetrative sex. The wipes are a very easy and convenient method for prolonging your erection.

All you have to do is wipe down your penis with PREEBOOST Wipes and you will be ready to enjoy longer-lasting sex. When you can maintain your erection for a longer period of time, the sexual experience is better for both you and your partner. PREBOOST Wipes were launched in the United States by Veru Healthcare. This is a reputable company for male enhancement products with a good reputation.

If you have ever used any of their products, the chances are excellent you were satisfied with your results. The topical wipes contain four percent benzocaine. You can now purchase this proprietary new wipe either online or over-the-counter. PREBOOST Wipes are classified as a male genital desensitizer. This means you can temporarily prolong the amount of time it takes for you to ejaculate.

According to the user reviews, the product works extremely well. These reviews were left by men suffering from premature ejaculation that used PREBOOST Wipes. The majority of these men claimed their erections lasted longer, resulted in a better sexual encounter, and increased their pleasure. PREBOOST is also compliant with all of the relevant FDA regulations and has been approved for sale within the United States.

PREBOOST is the only medicated wipe individually packaged for convenience containing four percent benzocaine as a desensitizing agent. The majority of desensitizing wipes, gels and sprays currently available contain lidocaine as opposed to benzocaine and are not individually packaged. The packaging and numbing agent are extremely important because this is what enables you to directly, discreetly, and precisely apply the right dosage every time.

You simply apply PREBOOST Wipes topically. Your penis will dry quickly to prevent the substance from being transferred to your partner. PREBOOST was invented by Dr. Harry Fisch, the Chief Corporate Officer of Veru Healthcare. He invented the product because he wanted to help the men suffering from premature ejaculation numbering in the millions. He also wanted to prolong the sexual pleasure for their partners.

Both Dr. Fisch and Veru Healthcare believe there are significant benefits to PREBOOST not available with the other therapies on the market. This includes the convenience, delivery system and ease of use. Some of the additional benefits include:

• Any risk of the vaginal area of your partner becoming numb is eliminated because the product dries quickly.

• No guessing is necessary like with creams or sprays because the same amount is always used.

• There is absolutely no mess with these wipes.

• PREBOOST Wipes have been approved by the FDA.

• Prolongs your sexual encounters with no negative impact on orgasm or pleasure.

• You can use this product safely even when you are wearing a condom.

• Due to the individual packaging, you can keep a packet or two in your pocket or wallet.

• The package contains 10 individually wrapped, single-use wipes.

• PREBOOST Wipes only require a few minutes to start working.

The Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in PREBOOST Wipes is benzocaine. This numbing agent provides you with the ideal amount of desensitizing in the target zone. The effects of the product will last for as long as one hour. Although lidocaine can last for a maximum of four hours, the issue is that it will spread to other areas. Each PREBOOST Wipe contains four percent benzocaine.

Benzocaine was initially launched in 1902 in Germany. The numbing agent was first used as an anesthetic for the skin. Since then, a lot of doctors have used benzocaine as a fast-acting anesthetic for topical use for a wide variety of different types of medicine. A good example is a benzocaine is frequently used for fast skin desensitization before an injection or a minor procedure.

In the case of PREBOOST, you simply use the wipe on your penis shaft before you engage in a sexual encounter. You should wash your hands and genital area before you use the wipe and after sexual activity. Every wipe is encased in a packet approximately the size of the average condom. This means you can easily carry a few wipes with you.

Where Can PREBOOST be Purchased?

The best place to purchase PREBOOST Wipes is through the official website. Although these wipes are available through other sources, there are companies selling fakes to make a fast profit. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell a fake product from a genuine article. If you do not purchase the genuine wipes, there is no way to be certain whether or not they will work.

In many instances, you are wasting your hard-earned money. The official site also has information regarding the product including the application process. There is a great FAQs section with answers to the most commonly asked questions and some good tips to improve your sexual encounters.

The Research

Benzocaine wipes were first revealed to the public in 2017 due to a study funded by Veru Inc. The wipes used in this study were manufactured by the company using four percent benzocaine. There were 21 adult male participants in a straight and committed relationship. These men were specifically selected for this study due to several common characteristics the company felt were important including:

• All of the participants stated they had little or no control over the time it took to ejaculate. This condition is also referred to as IELT of intravaginal ejaculation latency time.

• The men reported their most common ejaculation time at two minutes once the penis was inserted into the vagina of their partner.

• All of the men were extremely distressed at the shortness of their ejaculation time.

Fifteen of the participants received wipes containing a solution of four percent benzocaine. The remaining six received a placebo wipe. All of the men were told to use the wipes prior to intravaginal sex. The study lasted for two months. After this time, the study showed the men using wipes containing benzocaine had a significantly longer ejaculation time than those using placebo wipes.

These men were considerably over the two minutes most common for premature ejaculation. The participants using the benzocaine wipes reported the following.

• Reduction in stress due to premature ejaculation
• More satisfaction with overall sexual encounters
• More control over when ejaculation occurred

A follow-up study was conducted in 2019 for PREBOOST Wipes with very similar results. The participants using benzocaine wipes before sex on the heads of their penises reported an increase in their average time for the ejaculation of 2.75 minutes or 165 seconds. This was after using the wipes for one month. After using the wipes for two months, the ejaculation time of the participants increased by 5.5 minutes or 329 seconds.

There were people claiming the study was not perfect and did not prove anything. They believed the improvement in sexual satisfaction was essentially a placebo effect and the belief the wipes would be effectively skewered the results. There was a reason this was discounted by Vera Inc. The difference between the mean receiving the benzocaine wipes and the placebo was clear.

The men using PREBOOST Wipes extended their ejaculation time and the men using a placebo did not. This shows the wipes were effective for decreasing premature ejaculations.

How do PREBOOST Wipes Work?

PREBOOST Wipes stimulate your nerves. Your nerve endings are then activated by sodium and send action potential signals to your central nervous system. This is experienced as a sensation. When you apply benzocaine to your skin, the channels helping the activation of your action potential are blocked. Blocking these channels ensures you either feel nothing at or not as much when something touches your nerves.

Benzocaine is fairly common, frequently used for tooth extractions and topically treating cold sores. This is because benzocaine is a numbing agent. When your penis is numbed, your ejaculation is delayed. PREBOOST Wipes contain four percent benzocaine because this provides you with the ideal amount of numbness to delay ejaculation and improve your sexual experience.

How Long Do the Wipes Last?

The length of time benzocaine wipes will last vary slightly from man to man. This means it is not possible to provide you with an exact time frame. A good example is a study conducted in 2019. The participants using the wipes for a period of two months increased ejaculation time from less than two minutes to an average of five and one-half minutes. Keep in mind this number was the average.

This means some of the men exceeded the five-minute mark while others fell slightly short. There are other factors that must also be considered in determining an approximate time frame including where the wipes are applied. The majority of wipes are only used on the head of the penis. This means sensation is still present in the penis shaft.

The majority of nerve endings are located in the penis head. Numbing these nerves will significantly decrease sensation during sex. When you wipe both the head of your penis and the shaft, you numb all of the nerves. This will increase your time until ejaculation. The ejaculation time you are starting from is also important.

If your ejaculation occurs in less than 30 seconds, you might only last an additional 30 to 60 seconds. Even though this is technically still premature, the increased time will provide you and your partner with more sexual satisfaction.

Side effects

There are some potential side effects from the use of benzocaine. Although side effects with PREBOOST Wipes are possible, they are not common or severe. Despite this, there is a possibility of:

• Tenderness in the area you wiped
• Stinging
• Itching
• Flaking skin
• Burning
• Warmth or redness

Why Should I Use PREBOOST Wipes?

There are a lot of good reasons to use PREBOOST Wipes including:

• PREBOOST Wipes were developed by Dr. Harry Fisch, a board-certified urologist.

• The wipes work quickly, often in less than 10 minutes to maximize your performance, delay climax and prolong your pleasure.

• You receive 10 premoistened and individually sealed desensitizing wipes in every package. The package is both discreet and plain for privacy.

• The wipes contain four percent benzocaine. This offers you a cleaner, easier and faster application than other products. The solution absorbs quickly and rapidly so it will not transfer to your partner.

• PREBOOST is the only desensitizing wipe for men available in a premoistened towelette for a hygienic, simple and portable application.

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