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Phallosan Forte Review
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Are you looking for a safe and convenient male improvement solution? Meet the Phallosan Forte.

Most guys can agree with wanting a bigger penis. It’s natural but it’s even better when you find a way to get there that’s safe, effective, and hopefully gets you some gains in under six months. The Phallosan Forte is the only penis extender proven to increase the length and girth of a penis.

Having been manufacturing the Phallosan Forte since 2001, this is is the longest established manufacturer of these types of devices and they’re the only company to bring to market a clinically proven device to produce results in as little as six months.

If you’re needing something Phallosan Forte Review with the highest probability of increasing your penis size, the Phallosan Forte has to be among your top considerations to make sure you can get gains in penis size and/or girth.

Possibly both!

Given the number of Phallosan Forte reviews, there are among the adult publications online, it’s clear the device is a contender to be among the best extenders on the market.

These extenders are used by guys experienced in a variety of penis enlarging techniques. The Phallosan Forte is one of the preferred devices for automating jelquing/milking, which is what newbies to this “sport” would use. The Phallosan Forte just makes it easier and with a higher probability of success within 6 months.

In this Phallosan Forte review, you’ll discover information about the company, the Phallosan Forte penis extender itself, with details of how it works, and why, as well as the increase in penis length you can expect.

First though…

Phallosan Forte Review

Do You Actually Need a Phallosan Forte

Did you know the average size of a man’s penis is actually just a few inches in length?

When erect, 6-inches is considered well-endowed.

Even veterans to penis enlarging techniques who are now well-hung continue to rely on the Phallosan Forte and that’s because the results are never permanent. That’s the same if you use a device or nutritional supplements.

Most men are around 5-inches when erect, but even those who are within the average range will get excited when they imagine what’s possible with the Phallosan Forte.

Now, if you’ve yet to try any method to enlarge your naturally gifted size, chances are most methods are going to get you some gains towards improving your penis size. However, unless you’re actually stretching the penile tissue, you won’t see any gains in the flaccid length of your penis. Every penis enlargement (PE) method asides from stretching the penile tissue only has an effect on the erect size of your penis. If you want to increase the size of your penis, both in terms of length and girth, the only clinically proven way to do that is by stretching the penile tissue, which is what the Phallosan forte does.


Best available Pricing – Phallosan



Phallosan Forte

A Word of Caution...

It should be noted that no matter the type of penis extenders you use, or if it’s in combination with manual exercises and natural supplements, fast results are not possible because the process involves muscle augmentation. It will take hours a day for at least a few months before you’ll begin to notice any increases in length and girth, either flaccid or erect.

Before you decide to use penis extenders, it’s imperative to pay attention to the material it’s made with because to see results, you can expect to wear the device for, on average, 3,000 hours before you increase penis size. With that in mind, any penis extenders you’re considering buying must be comfortable to wear.

About the Company Manufacturing the Phalloson Forte

The phallosan forte is manufactured by Swiss Sana Anstalt and they trade under the name Orbisan LTD, which is also the name that shows on your billing statement. They are a manufacturer based in Liechtenstein in Western Europe, located between Switzerland and Austria. As they are within the EU, they need to conform to health and safety requirements, including meeting the CE criteria. (They do btw). Swiss Sana has been operating since 2001 and in that time, they’ve amassed healthy sales… totaling over $10 million. That’s a lot of phallosan forte devices already sold.

The companies expertize in the industry has helped phallosan forte branch out to become an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which just means other brands selling similar devices to the phallosan forte turn to Swiss Sana to manufacturer the product for them. The phallosan forte is their own design and it’s manufactured in-house, in Europe, and in line with CE certification requirements.


The first thing to understand is that a penis extender, which is what the phallosan forte is, is a traction device. It is not the same as a penis pump, which is used by those affected by erectile dysfunction. Penis extenders won’t have any effect on erectile dysfunction because it stretches the penile tissue along the length of the penis. It does nothing to promote blood flow, which is what a penis pump is used for and why it’s men with ED problems who would use one.

For erectile dysfunction, male enhancement products that help to increase blood flow to the penis is what’s been found to work best. For increasing a penis’s flaccid size, medical traction devices like the phallosan forte are what to use. They can help increase the flaccid size, erect size, and in some cases, help users who have more curvature than they’d prefer, to straighten that out too. For that reason, if you feel you have too curvy a penis, phallosan forte could help correct that too.

Anything going near your manhood, let alone a device like the phallosan forte that’s designed for augmentation needs to be safe. Not every device is and there are some risks associated with certain materials. Mostly, the types of PE devices that use stretcher bars and don’t have a way for you to adjust the resistance they apply to the penis.

For safety reasons and for comfort, never use a penis extender that doesn’t have adjustable resistance – and it should be easy to use because some devices similar to the phallosan forte can be painful when you get a hard-on with one on. If that happens, you either need to reduce the tension or remove it.

An advantage with the forte, phallosan have taken that on-board and designed it with a tension clip and an adjustable elastic belt, making adjustments super fast and easy.

The market for penile extenders is huge, however, something you need to understand before you buy any is that not every device is suited to everyone. You’ll see on the sales pages consistently that these will increase the size of your penis and they for sure will because what they essentially do is automate what you can do yourself by massaging the head of your penis to improve blood flow as well as stretching exercises to manipulate the skin such as jelquing/milking exercises.

Those can work, however, you’ll need to devote hours per day for at least a few months before you’ll notice any gains. The phallosan forte uses the same technique to stretch the skin of the penis, gently, gradually, and with a gradual increase in resistance.

If you’re completely new to tension devices for penis enlargement, therefore, never used any before, there’s a plethora of cheaper options around that could work. That said, the phallosan forte is suited to those who have tried other penis extender devices, maybe got some gains, but still want more.

First-timers to PE devices will find the phallosan forte advantageous, but for those to have tried other techniques in the past only to be left disappointed, or just wanting to keep going to add a bit more length, you’ll find the phallosan forte a lot more interesting…

The Phallasson Forte works like every other penis enlargement device designed to stretch the penis but with this being made with premium materials, it does it a lot gentler. Being made of medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone, it’s designed for superior comfort. So comfortable you can actually sleep with this thing on.

That’s the major upside to it because few guys are content to wear these devices in public, during the day. With the phallosan forte, you slip it on at night and take it off in the morning.

If you’re only just discovering how tension devices work, you may not be familiar with the process. The devices put a gradual strain on the penile tissue causing minute tears, similar to what happens when you’re lifting weights. The stretching fatigues the skin and it’s the recovery phase where the results happen. The skin heals, collagen production increases to the penile tissue and it grows back stronger and bigger.

With the phallosan forte, as it’s designed to be worn overnight, you get to go about your usual daily activities without having to wear the device or maintain any regime for the process to work. Devices are rarely comfortable to sleep with on, which is what really makes the phallosan forte stand out in the crowd.

Given that these need to be worn from three to six months before you’ll see gains, that’s something you’ll definitely find to be a huge plus, if only for the convenience aspect.

Being able to wear it overnight is viewed by some as a huge plus, but it also raises one big concern around the phallosan forte…

For belly sleepers, these devices really need to be comfortable because you will be lying on it. If you sleep on your stomach, a strap and bar penile extender is unsuitable. The phallosan forte uses a condom style sleeve. It’s called a “Protector Cap”. The protector cap fits over the head of the penis, then the actual phallosan forte device slips over that. The device itself uses a condom-style sleeve and it can fit extremely well on a flaccid penis. You do not need a semi to fit this device. Once the device is fitted over the protector cap, you just pull the sleeve over your penis. At the end of the phallosan device is a vacuum pump that can be adjusted for comfort.

Fitting the phallosan is straight forward, but also time-consuming. It’s definitely not the type of device you could use during the day if you wanted to because you’d spend more time fitting it every time you removed it for a pee.

Once fitted, there’s a foam-cushioned ring that goes over your penis and that’s attached to an elastic belt that wraps comfortably around your waist and it hooks onto a loop attached to the end of the vacuum pump. Once fitted, adjusting the belt adjusts the tension, and there’s a resistance gauge as well that’s color-coded that can be used to adjust the amount of resistance the device exerts on the penis.

Something that is of note with this thing is that getting a boner while you’re wearing it, doesn’t affect it. That’s super important for devices worn through the night as erections can happen at any time. With most other tension clasps using bars, getting erect while wearing them will be uncomfortable, and in many cases, painful.

Right out the box is everything you’d need from any penis extender kit and this is a full kit. You won’t need to buy anything later, other than replacement sleeves, although you do get some spares included.

Included are:

The Elastic Belt with a Foam Ring Attached: This is the first stand out design feature because very few penis extenders use foam. Most use plastic and those are terrible to move around in. The foam ring will make this more comfortable for wearing, and given it’s been designed to wear overnight, it shouldn’t disturb your sleep.

The Suction Bell and Sleeves in 3 Sizes: The suction bell is a one-size-fits-all as it fits over the glans but the sleeves that go over it aren’t. There is a measuring template included so you know which size of the sleeve to use. The kit comes with a small, medium, and large sleeve with an extra small sleeve, two medium, and one large sleeve.

Unless you’ve already used a penis extender or are naturally gifted, the small or medium is likely what you’ll start with. It’s worth mentioning that the suction bell is made of hypoallergenic and medical-grade silicone so you won’t have any trouble wearing this. There’s also a couple of protector caps included too.

Travel/Storage Bag: This is handy for keeping all the parts together at home, including your spare sleeves. Phallosan forte does say you can expect to see results within a few months so you could find yourself starting on a medium-sized sleeve, then moving to the larger sleeve once you achieve an increase in girth.

The Tension Clip: The tension clip is the glue for the phallosan forte. It’s this you use to adjust the resistance, and that can be set from 0.4 kg right up to 3 kg of pressure.

Safety instructions are provided and they’re in English and German too. The important stuff is that you should only wear this for 10-hours a day (not 12-hours) and only for 6-days a week. This ensures your skin has sufficient recovery time.

There’s also a measurement ruler supplied so you can monitor your progress and know the results that are happening. As with any penis extending device, the results are gradual so unless you measure, you’re unlikely to notice the few millimeters added in girth and length. Inches don’t add instantly with any device so it is encouraging to be able to accurately measure to notice the results to give you the encouragement to continue using it.

Given there are three sizes of sleeves included, it will be possible to start on a small or medium-sized sleeve, then progress onto the larger size once you start seeing results. However, as the sleeves are essentially condoms, they can tear, in which case, you may need to rely on your spares, or purchase new sleeves to use with the phallosan forte.

With everything supplied, results can be expected within three to six months, and possibly more if you continue to use the penis extender for longer. The phallosan forte does come with a two-year warranty, on the core components. The only parts not covered under warranty are the protector caps and replacement sleeves.

While you can expect to see results within six months, it’s good to see that the phallosan forte is covered for two years as it gives you plenty of time to put it to use to increase your penis length, even if you don’t wear it for hours every night but prefer to slip it on for a few hours at a time. It does seem that with the forte, phallosan have dug deep to manufacturer a quality extender to produce results within 6 months but last way longer for a continuous, albeit a very gradual increase penis size.

The only thing to make sure you do is to leave the phallosan forte extender off for at least one day per week to allow sufficient recovery time.

Every penis extender takes time to work. Using the phallosan forte penis extender is no different. You’ll mostly see them advertised as effective for gains within three to six months, but that’s based on the length of time you use them for. The majority of ill-fitting penis extenders take the longest to see any gains and that’s because they’re worn less frequently.

For augmentation to happen, it’s the hours that matter. Not the days, nor the months, but rather the number of hours the device is worn, every day, for a few months.

As the phallosan forte is designed for comfort and one of the very few devices that can comfortably be worn to bed, it is possible to wear this for up to 10-hours per night. Using another more mechanical device with stretch bars and straps will be a lot more uncomfortable, which is why they’re mostly recommended for just four to six hours use at a time.

The more prolonged stretching your penile tissue is exposed to, the harder the body works to repair the tissue damage, causing it to grow back stronger and bigger. Most other PE devices recommend a maximum of 10-hours per day and that’s mostly because they’ll be way too uncomfortable to wear beyond that length of time. Asides from that, penis enlargement work on the same principles of building and strengthening any muscle and the results come from the repair work the body does naturally during the recovery process.

With the phallosan forte, the stretch vs recovery phase can be equal by wearing the device for 10-hours and going about your day as normal without it. Granted, most of us do not sleep for 10 to 12-hours, but rather 7 to 8 hours, sometimes six. The phallosan forte can be worn at night as you lounge at home before bed and there’s no need to take it off until the morning, or when you need a pee.

In the penis entender market, the two major brands you’ll come across are Phallasan and Sizegenetics. Both are premium devices, designed for comfort as they’ll be worn for between eight and ten hours a day.

Both are up to the job of getting gains in length and the only difference is how they’re used. If you’re okay with daytime use, the Sizegenetics penis extender is easier to fit making it a better option for daytime use.

For those who’d prefer to wear the device overnight without having to do anything during the day, the Phollason is the way to go. That is unless you’re up at the toilet three times a night, in which case, wearing it for the recommended eight hours will be difficult as it’s unlikely you’ll be bothered taking the time to refit it in the early hours of the morning.

The only drawback and one that can’t be overlooked is the fact that the phallosan forte uses sleeves, which are essentially condoms and as you’ll know – those split. The condom sleeves for the phallosan forte needs replaced and they aren’t cheap to buy. They’re about $26 USD each. For that reason, if you’re on a budget, definitely factor this into your costs, keeping in mind you’ll need to restock for at least three months.

There are numerous spare parts solely by Swiss Sana for the phallosan forte, but everything else is of good quality apart from the sleeves, although, regardless of what material they were made of, as they are worn like condoms, they would split anyway.

The Only Drawback About the Phallosan Forte Penis Extender

The only drawback and one that can’t be overlooked is the fact that the Phallosan forte uses sleeves, which are essentially condoms, and as you’ll know – those split. The condom sleeves for the Phallosan forte needs replaced and they aren’t cheap to buy. They’re about $26 USD each. For that reason, if you’re on a budget, definitely factor this into your costs, keeping in mind you’ll need to restock for at least three months.

There are numerous spare parts solely by Swiss Sana for the Phallosan Forte, but everything else is of good quality apart from the sleeves, although, regardless of what material they were made of, as they are worn like condoms, they would split anyway.

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PHALLOSAN package contents

$ 339.00 per box

• Elastic belt 
• Suction bell in size L with L-sleeve condom 
• Suction bell in size M with M-sleeve condom and assembled tension clip 
• Suction bell in size S with S-sleeve condom 
• 2x protector caps 
• Tension clip 
• Suction ball with 3-way valve 
• Instructions for use 
• Measuring template 
• Travel bag 

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