Everything To Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery

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An average male penis has an average length of 3.6 inches while flaccid and 5.2 inches when erect.

While people with penises smaller than that size are the ones who are most likely to consider penis enlargement, some men with the normal size also consider it because of some beliefs of “the bigger the better.”

There are various ways you can enlarge your penis;


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Non-Surgical Methods

• Lotions and pills- These penile enlargement products contain hormones, herbs, and vitamins that enlarge the penis after being taken or being applied to the penis. However, some of these may have pesticides and lead traces that may be harmful.

Jelqing This is a pulling exercise whose aim is to promote blood circulation around the penis tissues that eventually make it appear larger. However, if done for a long time, it can be painful and cause scarring.

• Penile extenders- These apply traction to stretch your penis, but it is advised to consult your doctor before using this method.

• Vacuum devices- These devices involve having tube-like structures over your penis and pumping out air, creating a vacuum that sucks blood into the penis, making it look larger.

They are best used to treat short-term impotence but overusing them can damage your penis tissues causing weaker erections.

Surgical Penis Enlargement

Surgical penis enlargement is a surgery meant to increase the length and girth of your penis permanently. Doctors may recommend it to restore urinary or sexual penile functions in patients with acquired or congenital micropenis.

It may also be helpful to patients who have Peyronie’s disease, which is characterized by crooked erections, which may sometimes be painful, and damage of penile tissue during intercourse.

The procedure can also be done by patients who have normal-size penises but want to enlarge them because;

• They believe that it would boost their sexual prowess and experience as well as their confidence.
• They have a medical condition that caused their penile o shrink.
• They feel that their penis is smaller in relation to the rest of their bodies.

Before going for the surgery, your doctor has to examine you to determine if you have any underlying medical conditions, if you have had any surgeries, especially on or around your penis and if you have any allergies to certain medications.

The doctor also considers what penis length you wish to attain after the surgery. You also have to be circumcised and avoid any sexual activity or masturbation before the procedure. You should also avoid smoking and ensure you drink enough water before the procedure.

Avoid using blood thinners like aspirin before the surgery, but for that, ensure that you consult the doctor who gave you that medication. To avoid be4iong disappointed, you should have realistic goals and expectations of the surgery.

There are different ways that surgical penis enlargement is done, but for all of them, the doctor has to use anesthesia.

Suspensory ligament division

Also called ligamentolysis is meant to make your penis look longer when flaccid by cutting your suspensory ligament, which attaches your penis to the pubic bone.

During the surgery, your doctor will sever the suspensory ligament and move the skin from your abdomen to the shaft of your penis. While this may make your flaccid penis hang further down, it does not increase its actual size.

Since this procedure mainly changes the angle of your penis, it may also interfere with your sex.

Penile augmentation
This procedure is done by injecting fat cells into the penis, either from a fatty area in your body or from fat cells collected by the doctor. The doctors make tiny incisions into your penis’ side and injecting the purified fat cells into those incisions.

Silicone implants

It involves the insertion of crescent-shaped medical grade silicone, called penuma, under your penile skin to make your penis wider and longer. It comes in extra-extra-large, extra-large, and large.

Two tissues give your penis its shape the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

The corpus cavernosa are two cylindrical tissue pieces, which run parallel to one another along your penis’ top while the corpus spongiosum is one cylindrical tissue piece running along your penis’ bottom and surrounds the urethra.

The silicone is shaped to ensure it matches the size and shape of your penis, and then the doctor inserts it into your penis shaft over the corpus cavernosa. That is done via an incision made in your groin area above your penis’ base.

The penuma stretches your penis’ skin and makes it feel and look larger. The procedure has been seen to enlarge the penis by about 1.5-2.5 inches when both flaccid and erect.

Depending on the type of the surgery, it can take at most 2 hours to complete, after which you are expected to make follow-up visits after two or three days.

What To Expect After The Surgical Penis Enlargement

The time the procedure takes depends on how it is being done and how much is being done, but the average time is 2 hours. You can also be released to go home one day after the procedure, provided the anesthesia has faded.

Before the anesthesia has faded, you may feel some effects like;

• Exhaustion.
• Nausea.
• Vomiting.
• Confusion.
• Hoarse voice.

While recovery time may differ from one patient to another, you should take good care of yourself after the procedure.

It is normal to experience swelling, redness, and some pain 2-3 weeks after your procedure, but your doctor will give you some post-operative guidelines you need to follow for faster and better recovery and healing.

The doctor might also give you medications for the pain and inflammation, which you should take accordingly. Your penis will also be covered with dressing which you will need to change after a certain time, and your doctor may take you through how to do it.

You should stay away from strenuous work like heavy lifting for four weeks after the procedure has been done, but you can go back to some mild activities a few days after the procedure.

You should also abstain from any sexual activity, including masturbation, for six weeks after the procedure and wear only loose-fitted clothes until you have healed completely.

Risks And Side Effects

In as much as surgical penis enlargement will have a lot of benefits for you, there are some side effects you may have after the procedure. They may be mild, but if they persist, you should consult your doctor.

Some of the side effects include;

• Infection and perforation of the implant or the surgical site.
• Silicone implant breaking apart.
• Stitches falling apart (suture detachment).
• Blood clots in your penile tissue.
• Poor wound healing. You may experience wound dehiscence, which is a surgical complication which causes your wounds to rapture either completely or partially along the sutures.
• Buried penis or pubic deformations.
• If you used fat transplants, it might cause fat reabsorption and necrosis. It can also cause penile nodules, curvature, or calcification.
• If you used the silicone implant method, you might experience swelling, penile distortion, distant migration, granulomatous reactions, and drifting. It can also damage the nerves and blood vessels in your penis, leading to erectile dysfunction or decreased sensation.
• Distal flap loss.
• Bruising and scarring along the penis, especially where the incisions were made.
• Changes in the shape of your penis.
• Pain during erections.

To ensure that these side effects are not a cause for any worries, ensure that you ask your doctor for a list of some of the expected symptoms and when to see them. If you experience any severe bleeding and pain, it is important to call or visit your doctor.

How Much Does A Surgical Penis Enlargement Cost?

Most of the time, penis enlargement is cosmetic surgery, and insurance covers do not cover cosmetic procedures, which means that all the costs will be out-of-pocket.

That makes penis enlargement an expensive procedure, especially after factoring in the time you will take off work and all the things you have to do for recovery.

Depending on the type of surgery and how much work needs to be done, a surgical penis enlargement procedure can cost thousands of dollars. If it is to be done as a necessary procedure to reverse any medical condition, however, your medical insurance can chip in.

Pros And Cons Of Surgical Penis Enlargement

• It boosts your sense of potency and masculinity.
• Boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
• Increases the width and length of your penis.
• Your sexual function is increased due to the increased size and boosted confidence.

• It is irreversible.
• You may suffer bruising and scarring.
• Sometimes with some procedures, there may not be increased size in your penis.

How To Choose The Best Surgeon

A penis enlargement procedure is vital, not only because it will boost your self-esteem and your sense of masculinity but also because it may influence some of the vital functions like passing urine and sexual intercourse.

That is why you must choose the best of the best surgeons to do the procedure. There are a few ways that you can ensure that the surgeon you choose is the best.

Education and qualifications
Before booking your medical appointment, do your research and determine how much education your surgeon has. Consider if he is qualified to carry out that type of surgery and also find out if he is part of any medical or surgeon associations or societies.

You should also consider if the surgeon has the interest to keep up with all the developments that happen in that medical field to ensure.

Practice makes perfect. How long has your surgeon been in this field? How many similar medical procedures have they done? How many out of those have been successful?

Answering those questions will tell you exactly how good your surgeon is with the knife, and it will tell you the chances of your procedure being a success.

Does your surgeon have the proper certificates and documents that allow him to do this type of work, and if so, are those documents up to date? Most importantly, are they insured?

These questions will ascertain that nothing wrong will happen to you during the procedure, and something happens; the damages will be covered by your surgeon’s insurance.

References and reviews
As your surgeons for the contacts of some of the patients they have worked with in the past. If the surgeon hesitates, that is a red light that you should not consider him to carry out your procedure.

You should also check out customer reviews on their website or social media pages if they have them.

While surgically increasing the penis may have benefits for people suffering from penile diseases, there is little evidence to show its effectiveness when it comes to people with normal-sized penises with no health disorders.

Some of them suffer from Penile dysmorphophobic disorder, which makes them so conscious about their penis size, and they view surgical penis enlargement as the only way to make them feel better.

While that may help boost confidence and self-esteem, it is also important to see a sex therapist to help you with acceptance of your penis, considering that the process is irreversible and some side effects may inhibit your sexual experiences.

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