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In this Penimaster Pro review, we will discuss the pros and cons of this popular penis extender.

Is it really capable of delivering you the lengthening results you’re looking for? Before you purchase this product, you’ll want to know how it works, its many listed benefits, the product price, and more. In this Penimaster Pro complete review, we’ll provide you with useful information that can help you decide if the Penismaster Pro is the right tool for you to enhance your size and confidence.

The Penimaster Pro: What is it, why do men use it, & how does it work?

The Penimaster Pro is a penis enlargement system that works to increase the size and length of your penis. MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG is the company behind this brilliant device. Although the Penimaster Pro complete extender is relatively new, it has quickly established itself as one of the best extenders on the market for men who seek a convenient and easy way to elongate or straighten their penis.

Men use the Penimaster Pro for the purpose of making their penis bigger by the use of pulling force. If men use this penis extender on a regular basis, then their penis becomes longer, both when erect and flaccid. This device also works as a way of straightening curved penises from the same pulling force.

The Penimaster Pro works by continually stretching the penis. This prolonged stretching and applied tension eventually lead to the tissue in your penis tearing and rebuilding. In turn, the penis eventually becomes longer and in some cases, thicker. Think of it as working out with weights, as when you weight train you are tearing your muscles and rebuilding them so they become bigger, denser, and harder.

To sum up the above:
  • The device is a penis pump
  • It makes the penis longer and potentially thicker
  • It tears the tissues in the penis, thus making it longer when the tissue rebuilds


Penimaster Pro Review

Penimaster Pro Packages

You can order and use the Penimaster Pro on its own, but there are several packages that you can choose from as a way to help with the lengthening and straightening process. The four packages available, and why you should consider buying them are:

The Basic Expander System

The basic expander system is a system for those who need replacement parts for the pump itself. Penimaster Pro is basically a device to lengthen the penis, but it can be accompanied by belts or rods to create a full system. In turn, you can wear the device on your penis, instead of using it solely as a pump as long as you have the right parts. A basic package is a great option for men who want to have new parts on hand.

The Rod Expander System

The rod expander system can be worn with the Penimaster Pro. The rod expander can make the Penimaster Pro a bit easier to use. The rod expander is also durable and stable, which isn’t surprising because it is made out of glass fiber. You can wear this product with normal clothing without any discomfort.

The Belt Expander System

The belt expander system is similar to the rod expander system, and it also helps men with enlargement and straightening. As the name suggests, you wear the belt expander just as you would a belt. You put it around the hip and then attach the straps across the torso to the shoulders or to the knee. If you want to get even better results with the Penismaster Pro, then you should consider using the belt expander system as it takes the pulling force to the next level. The belt expander system can also be work with normal clothing without any discomfort.

The Complete Package

The complete package comes with the pro belt expander system, the rod extender, and your new Penimaster Pro. If you want to get the most from this product, then the complete Penimaster Pro package may be best for you and your body.

As previously mentioned, the above packages are optional. There’s no need to purchase the systems for the Penismaster Pro product to work, but if you want to get the most from the product, then you may want to consider one of the pro complete systems above that include add ons.

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The Benefits of Using the Penismaster Pro System

There is no shortage of benefits that the Penimaster Pro system offers. The top ones include:

1) Increases Overall Size

Without a doubt, the best thing about the Penimaster Pro is that it’s effective at increasing both the length and girth. Many men wished they had a bigger penis, but they don’t get the results they were hoping to get with pumps, pills, lotions, and so forth. However, this device is a game-changer and many men have already raved about the results they’ve archived with the Penimaster Pro.

In just six short months, this system extends the length of your penis by 20%-30%. The girth of your penis can increase by up to 20% in the same time period. The bottom line is that if you want a bigger and thicker penis, then this is the device for you.

2) Stronger Erections

Another benefit we want to point out is the Penimaster Pro can help you get stronger and longer-lasting erections. If you have a partner, this could potentially mean stronger orgasms for both you and your partner. After a week or two, you might notice your erections becoming harder and longer.

On that note, many men around the globe suffer from erectile dysfunction. No matter what they do or what they take, the problem doesn’t seem to improve. If this sounds like your problem, then you should give the Penimaster Pro system a try. As time goes by, getting an erection should be easier. Although this device isn’t designed to treat ED, it may still help improve the condition from the pulling force.

3) No Serious Side Effects

The Penimaster Pro is completely safe to use. There aren’t any serious side effects associated with it. As long as you follow the instructions and use only as directed, you won’t run into problems. When it comes to using products to increase the size of the penis, men need to be careful about which products they use.

The only potential side effect you could experience is an allergic reaction. The device is made with fiberglass, which means there’s a slight chance you could have an allergic reaction if you choose the rod system. Keep in mind that no matter how good any penis extender is, there’s always some sort of risk associated with it. Some, like the Penimaster Pro, carry only a small risk.

4) Easy To Use

Let’s not forget to mention there are many pumps and devices out there that claim to grow the penis. However, a lot of these products are not user-friendly and they are not beginner-friendly. When men purchase products that are difficult to use, they have a much higher chance of not getting good results because the devices aren’t being used often or properly.

This isn’t a problem with the Penimaster Pro. It comes with an instruction manual that is easy to read. The same goes if you buy the Penismaster pro belt expander system or the pro belt rod package. Even if you have never used an extender in your life, you shouldn’t struggle with the Penimaster Pro. Another benefit is that you can wear all products under normal clothing.

5) High Quality

Men who use low-quality penis pumps or extenders are often disappointed because it means poor results and the chances of the product falling apart shortly after it is bought. Thankfully, the Penimaster Pro is not a low-quality extender. When you compare it to other top sellers, such as devices made by SizeGenetics and X4 Labs, the Penimaster Pro has them beat for quality. Only the best parts are used to produce the Penimaster Pro.

6) Comfortable To Wear

It’s important to mention how comfortable the Penimaster Pro is to wear. Strap devices are often advertised as being easy to wear, but in reality, many men don’t find that they are. Sometimes the pulling force generator can be too intense, causing pain and irritation unnecessarily. This isn’t the case with the Penimaster Pro. In fact, you should feel any discomfort at all, even if you have never used a device like this before. The pulling force generator on the Penismaster Pro is gentle, yet effective. If you have used strapped devices in the past, we bet you will find this one to be the most comfortable of all. That’s why it’s important to consider the package options. Items like the pro belt expander make it very easy to wear for long periods of time.

7) No Slippage

When it comes to traction devices for the penis, many men complain about the straps or the noose falling off. This is known as slippage, which doesn’t occur with the Penimaster Pro. The device will remain intact for a long period of time, which is exactly what you want if you plan on wearing it under your normal clothing. The reason why the device won’t slip is because of the vacuum-sealed attachment. This is especially important when working with pulling force.

8) Permanent Results

Perhaps the best thing about the Penimaster Pro is it provides men with permanent results. This isn’t the case with many of the other penis enlargement products and devices out there. After about six months, your penis will be bigger and potentially thicker. Whatever results you achieve with the device, you can count on maintaining them for good. The pulling force generator doesn’t just give you a pump, but it instead actually works to stretch and grow your penis naturally.

9) Improves Sex Drive

There have been numerous men who have said their sex drive increased as a result of trying the Penimaster Pro. If you have not been in the mood for sex lately and you’re not sure why then give this device a try for at least 1-3 months to see the improvement.

Those are a few benefits of the Penimaster Pro. If you want to reap all of the potential benefits, then you should order one of the package systems today.

The Cons

The first, con is there is a chance that you might be allergic to the material used to make the device. Generally speaking, after a week or two of using the Penimaster Pro, you should be able to tell whether or not you’re allergic to the plastic. If you experience anything unusual while using the device, then discontinue use and see your doctor.

The second con is the price. Although we don’t think the price is bad, some people might think it’s too high. Depending on the package you decide to buy, you can expect to pay anywhere between $186 and $300, which is fair because the Penismaster Pro and the extras do work very well.


By now you probably want to know more about the types of results people have gotten with the Penimaster Pro. Many men have mentioned that they would never go back to low-quality straps, pumps, and pills after trying the Penimaster Pro. Results do vary from person to person, but it does appear the average results are 1.1 inches of increased length added to an erect penis. Keep in mind this will require you to use the device for around 500 hours. Men who use it for 1000 hours might achieve results of 1.5 added inches.

If you use any of the Penimaster Pro Complete products for a full month, and if you use it as directed, then you could see results in as little as 4-5 weeks.


It’s worth pointing out there’s no shortage of testimonials from satisfied men about the Penismaster Pro. One reviewer mentioned how they would recommend Penimaster Pro if anyone wants to add a few inches to their penis. Another user said the Penimaster Pro was comfortable to wear and that it’s his favorite pulling force generator extending device.

The above two testimonials are just a handful of the many. You don’t have to look hard to find many positive comments and reviews about the device. This is a good sign because it means there are far more happy customers than dissatisfied ones.

Our Penimaster Review: Final Verdict

With this Penismaster product as well as with any of the pro complete system ads on, you get a lot of value for your money. The device is the perfect alternative to pills, traditional penis pumps. and other supplements that claim to make the penis bigger and thicker. More importantly, this pro complete system works great and it offers fast results, as it only takes around 4-5 weeks to notice a difference.

Men can use this Penismaster Pro complete device package without worrying about hurting their penis or causing serious damage to it. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what size your penis is, the chances are you can increase it within a few week’s time.

When it comes to penis extenders, the Penimaster Pro is easily one of the best ones on the market. As you can see, it is comfortable to use, it’s effective, and it doesn’t cost that much. The bottom line is it is a quality extender that is well worth its price tag, and it works to easily enhance your penis size.

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