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NeoSize XL Review
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From the beginning, many of these claims seem too grand to be true. However, as you have come to know, Urban Reproductive Health is to be trusted. We’ve spent countless hours devoted to our research. Thus, we can ensure only the most objective results. Anyway, how else could we conduct our analysis?


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What Is This Supplement?

Primarily, This is a product aimed towards men who suffer from declining testosterone levels. Along with those declines, these men tend to also be people who experience a lack of satisfaction in the bedroom. If any of those sound applicable to you, then this just might be right down your alley. Either way, many of these benefits would be broadly enjoyed by people of all demographics.


Purports to Boost Testosterone Levels:
First and foremost, it seems as if the product derives most of its benefits from its effect on testosterone. By boosting their levels, you’ll experience a diverse array of benefits. Typically, men who experience such things describe it as if they had been transplanted into a younger body. While those claims could be hyperbolic, we believe they represent something genuine.

Seems to Enhance Sexual Performance:
Besides, how else could you explain something such as this? With other products, there would be no basis for anything like this. Nevertheless, by promoting the production of androgens, your virility receives direct biological support.

Furthermore, as those androgens percolate throughout your body, they find with specific receptors. These receptors are responsible for male sexual health. Therefore, you can expect to notice something in that area as well.

Can Lead to Increased Muscle Mass and Strength:
While androgen levels aren’t responsible for muscle mass directly, they play a major supporting role. Thus, it’s more difficult to gain muscle as a female than as an equivalently-trained male. It would make sense that you would experience a subtle increase in muscle production.

What Are the Ingredients?

With anything in the supplements industry, you’ve always got to ask this question. Otherwise, you could be sold the keys to a castle that only exists in fairytales. Yet, we’ve got your back on this side of the issue once again. Below, you’ll find an annotated list of the ingredients. Along with each ingredient, there is a small description so you can develop your understanding further.

Primary Ingredients List

  • Mucuna Pruriens:
    Mainly, the effects of the supplements are a result of this special bean. These beings contain high levels of the precursor for dopamine. That way, once you take them, your brain produces more of them. Since this neurotransmitter is linked to motivation, you’ll feel as if you were well-rested.
  • Hydrophila:
    Additionally, this is a traditional herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. In that culture, they use it to remove free radicals from the body. Plus, it is said that the plant possesses powers that can help heal men.
  • Tinospora Cordifolia:
    This is another ayurvedic plant with a long history of use. It helps to purify the body while also supporting its immune system. That way, the rest of your body and focus on what it is supposed to do.
  • Lebbeck Tree:
    This traditional African tree has a calming effect on your nerves. Once you take a pinch, you’ll feel like a man of steel even in the face of the most dangerous circumstances. At least, to us, that was how things felt.
  • Elephant Creeper:
    In India, this plant has been used to boost male libido for centuries. Even today, it’s among the most popular plants at most greeneries. If you get the chance, you should take a look at one of the plants while it is still in the ground. Once you take a look at them, you’ll understand how they got the name they have. The broad leaves share an uncanny resemblance to the friendly mammals.
  • Puncture Vine:
    This plant is among the most popular in the world for male sexual enhancement. Not only that, but it has also been used for athletic improvement as well. It seems as if the Greeks were some of the first people who discovered how to make use of this secretive vine. Since that time, people have been taking advantage of its wonderful properties.
  • Indian Kudzu:
    Similar to its American counterpart, this grows even under the most inhospitable conditions. However, unlike its American counterpart, it also possesses some unique health benefits. Furthermore, with the number of people who have taken some of it, it’s got a massive base of support among those who’ve tried it.
  • Indian Spider Plant:
    This plant is also popular around the Indian subcontinent for its effect on the libido. By supplementing it consistently, you should see a direct boost to your desire. Otherwise, why would so many people continue taking it after such a long time? If you had to ask us, that seems rather senseless at the end of the day.

What Are the Benefits?

With other supplements, you’ve got to question how the benefits manifest. While this supplement, on the other hand, is rather straightforward. As a result of its ingredients, you can expect to experience a few of the following benefits. On some occasions, you might even experience them all.

However, with most people, the benefits become better as you take the supplement over time. Therefore, consistency is essential with this activity. Otherwise, you’ll only experience a portion of what could have been.

Potential Benefits

  • Improved Sexual Health:
    More than anything else, this is what people seek when they try something such as this. We are happy to report that it delivers more than expected on that front. Compared to other products on the market, it’s unparalleled in its follow-through. Furthermore, we’ve had to cancel a few appointments since the results were so powerful. Not to mention, once you get back into the swing of things, it’s rather fun.
  • Enhanced Secretion of Androgens:
    After you have been taking this for a while, go to an endocrinologist. Once you get there, ask them to analyze your blood levels. Then, you’ll have first-hand proof of just how powerful these plants can be. To us, it was a pretty impressive moment.
  • Higher Levels of Stamina:
    Unfortunately, if you don’t have the stamina, all the desire in the world won’t do you much good. Even if you manage to get it on, it won’t last long once things start to get hot. At that point, it’s more frustrating than it is anything else. However, by supplementing something like this, you’ll have much-needed support.
  • Boosted Testosterone Production:
    Testosterone is responsible for making men feel like men. Without it, their bodies begin to atrophy. Wasting away, those men lose their sense of purpose and identity. However, by simply restoring the testosterone, those horrible effects reverse.
  • Increase in Self Efficacy:
    How confident do you feel, in the morning, when you wake up? Depending on how your sex life is going, you may not feel all that great. If the last time you happened to get lucky ended in disappointment, then that feeling tends to linger. However, by overcoming those motions, you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all. Plus, with something like this in your system, it’s hard not to feel better about yourself. As your testosterone levels elevate, you’ll start to remember how it felt when you were younger. Then, you will be back on the prowl.
  • Rise in Sex Drive:
    At that point, you should expect to feel an increase in your drive. Without that, you’d be fooling yourself. Once you start to feel those feelings, your body is primed and ready. With all the other benefits, it’s time to take them for a test drive.

How To Use NeoSize XL

Using NeoSize XL is simple, you should take 1-2 capsules two times per day after eating (with water). It’s always recommended to consult a medical professional to see how many you should take.

Our Conclusion on NeoSize XL

NeoSize XL seems to be a decent male enhancement product with good reviews around the web. Will it help with your erectile dysfunction or sexual issues? That’s something you will need to try out for yourself. In our opinion, there are many other pills that are more effective. Some of our top-rated Male Enhancements include:

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