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Member XXL Review
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What is Member XXL?

In the past, male penis enlargement was considered a taboo subject. Fortunately, this is no longer true and there is an incredibly wide selection of male enhancement products on the market. The penis does not grow for the entire life of the man. Once he reaches puberty, growth stops. If your penis is not of the desired size, you might be suffering from both mental and emotional stress.

There are a lot of men with the same issue. For this reason, you will find a wide selection of available solutions. You need to be careful because some of these solutions are fraudulent, dangerous or simply do not work. There is a gold standard in the industry to improve the size and hardness of your penis called Member XXL. If you are looking for a non-invasive and safe product for male enhancement this is a great option.

Member XXL will improve the quality and duration of your sexual encounters. The capsules work extremely fast, are efficient and offer an average increase in size of a maximum of nine centimeters. You must use the product regularly for a period of 30 days to make certain you receive optimal results. Once you have Used Member XXL for three weeks, you will begin to see the results.

This is one of the quickest acting products for penis enhancement available. You know the product is safe because all of the ingredients are organic and natural. Member XXL is an efficient, proven and safe method to increase the size of your penis without a mechanical device or surgery.

How Does Member XXL Work?

The formulation of Member XXL is both potent and unique. Years of testing and research were necessary to ensure the combination of plant extracts and herbs are effective. When you consume the capsule, the nutrient flow is channeled directly into the tissue of your penis. Your cells are rejuvenated to ensure they are working at their full potency.

During this time, the blood vessels sending blood to your penis are enlarged and widened to increase the flow of blood. The result is remaining harder longer, an increase in size and a better overall sexual experience. The ingredients also contain libido enhancers to enhance your sexual desire and provide your partner with a great experience in the bedroom.

What are the Ingredients?

All of the ingredients in Member XXL are natural, 100 percent safe, enlarge the size of your penis and help you recover from either no erections or poor quality erections. The product will not have any negative effects on your health. A lot of research was conducted before Member XXL was released because the manufacturer wanted to ensure the product was both safe and effective. The ingredients include:


L-arginine helps improve the blood supply to your penis. This is important because the more effective your blood circulation, the longer your erection will last.

Fenugreek Extracts:

These extracts are important for improving the amount of testosterone produced by your body. The result is more effective blood circulation and stronger sexual arousal. You will most likely notice your libido has improved as well.

Black Pepper:

Black pepper was specifically included in the ingredients because it helps to improve both your feelings of arousal and your sexual desire.

Chinese Magnolia Fruit:

This is an extremely beneficial fruit if you have experienced a hormonal imbalance and are not yet fully recovered.

Saffron Extracts:

Saffron extracts help decrease any complications preventing you from achieving a rock-hard erection. Your sexual drive is increased for more fulfilling sexual encounters.

Korean Panax Ginseng:

The reason numerous men are unable to achieve an erection is a combination of anxiety and the nervous system breaking down. This type of ginseng will help you to recover from this condition while increasing your sexual drive. As your focus improves, your performance in bed will as well.

How is the Product Used?

Member XXL is manufactured in capsule form to ensure the product is easy, effortless and convenient to use. The recommended dosage is two capsules per day. This will ensure you receive the maximum effect in the shortest possible time. Take one pill in the morning before you have breakfast, then the second right before lunch. Make certain you take both pills with plenty of water.

The water ensures you digest the pills and your food properly to provide the action necessary to significantly enhance your sexual metabolism. The recommendation is not to exceed two pills per day and to make certain you do not skip any days. You should speak with your doctor before using Member XXL if you have any of the following conditions.

• Heart issues
• Diabetes
• Taking medications
• Have been scheduled for surgery or had surgery recently
• Had a heart attack or stroke in the past


Is Member XXL Safe?

Yes, the product is safe for sexually active men of virtually any age. The ingredients in the capsule are not only organic and completely natural, but you might even have some of them in your kitchen. Scientific research has been conducted for all of these ingredients by independent researchers. The results showed the unique formula is effective for penis enlargement.

To make certain Member XXL is effective, only the highest-quality ingredients are imported from specific locations. If you look online, you will find hundreds of positive user reviews and testimonials about the product. This is more effective and persuasive than any kind of advertising.

Available Packages and Guarantee

At this point, you are most likely curious about the price of Member XXL. You will be surprised to learn the product is very reasonably priced regardless of your budget. You can choose from three different packages.

• The Best Value Package contains three bottles and you receive three more bottles free. This makes your cost for a six month supply just $29.50 per bottle.

• The Standard Packages includes two bottles with two more free. The cost for a three month supply is $39.33 per bottle.

• If you want to start with just one bottle, you can purchase the basic package for $59. You will receive a one month supply but no free bottles are included.

If you do not receive the results you are looking for or are not satisfied, the product can be returned. You must return the original product you received. Your money-back guarantee is for 90 days and your unused product must be returned within this time frame.

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to the official website, Member XXL has no known side effects. Keep in mind the product enhances your production of testosterone. In some men, this has resulted in hair loss. If you are concerned, you can prevent this by asking your physician for a DHT blocker.

Research and Results

A study was conducted to determine whether or not the product was effective. The 90 male participants were between the ages of 22 and 50. Half of these men used Member XXL with the others using a placebo. The study lasted for 12 weeks. The group given Member XXL increased the size of their penis by approximately five inches. The group given a placebo saw no significant improvements. The men were then asked about their satisfaction level with the product.

Roughly 70 percent of the men purchasing Member XXL were 100 satisfied with the product. Many of them stated the product was good. The remaining men expected better results. According to the study results, there is a lot of potential for increasing both the size and length of the penis. The product also improves sexual performance and enhances libido.

When you consider the high-quality ingredients in Member XXL and the aphrodisiac properties, the product is definitely worth purchasing. The manufacturer would not offer a money-back guarantee if the product did not work.

Pros and Cons


• Inexpensive
• Good service
• Simple and convenient use
• Enlarging your penis non-invasively
• Improving sexual response
• Improving your sexual performance
• Enlarging and thickening your penis a maximum of nine centimeters
• Improved orgasms resulting in better sex
• Two of the package options offer free bottles
• Extremely fast and discreet shipping
• No side effects


• Member XXL is only available from the manufacturer
• You must use the product regularly for optimal results
• Time is required for the product to work

The Bottom Line

The herbal ingredients used in the product are safe. The formula is completely unique and genuine with only weeks necessary to see results. If your penis is smaller than you would like or you are having issues with erections, Member XXL is the ideal solution. The price is affordable, the product is guaranteed and you will enjoy the results.

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