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Male Extra supplements are one of the better-known male enhancement pills. The product has been around since 2009, and it’s manufactured by Vobue Limited which is the exclusive rights holder for the formula and they have sold over 12 million Male Extra products and gained an excellent reputation from hundreds of thousands of customers.

Despite only having seven all-natural ingredients, the effectiveness of the herbal supplement works like magic for increasing libido and stamina as well as helping users experience firmer and longer-lasting erections. Another area the ingredients are beneficial with is delaying ejaculation, however, as all the ingredients are natural and delivered to the bloodstream in capsule form, it takes some time to build up in the body.

The ingredients found in Male Extra supplements include

  • Arginine HCL
  • MSM – Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
  • Ellagic Acid (Pomegranate extract of 40%) (500mg)
  • Cordyceps(25mg)
  • Zinc (14mg)
  • Niacin (18mg)
  • L-methionine (100mg)

The largest concentration is Arginine HCL with a dose of 600 mg. The role this plays can’t be underestimated because this is an amino acid that increases blood flow by creating nitric oxide in the body. With better blood flow able to reach the penis, and faster, the result is a larger erection and it lasts longer too.

MSM plays a big part here too because this helps the body create sulfur which stimulates new cell growth in the penis so not only are erections longer-lasting but because the penis can hold more blood, you’ll soon be noticing your erections are much firmer too. This can also increase penis girth.

Now, because excessive histidine levels can be the cause of premature ejaculation, L-methionine is important to note in the ingredients here because the role this has is converting histidines to histamines, which is how it’s going to help you to delay ejaculation.

Even though the Male Extra products only contain 7 ingredients, each of them is highly beneficial for men’s sexual health overall. No ingredients are used that don’t need to be. The blend has high dosages of the right types of ingredients required to experience longer-lasting sex with a firmer erection and benefiting from delayed ejaculation too.

Adverse Effects of Male Extra

As all the ingredients are natural, there should be no adverse effects from taking Male Extra pills, provided you stick with the intended dosage which is no more than three per day.

Some users have reported headaches when they start taking Male Extra, however, this is often the case with any new supplement introduced to the body.

How Long Until You Can Expect Results

It takes time for the supplements to get to work in your body and it’s claimed that results can be noticed within three to six months of taking Male Extra products. Some users have reported beneficial changes to their energy levels and sexual performance within the first month.

To give yourself the highest chance of success, plan to take three pills per day for the next three months at least. These aren’t male enhancement pills you can take for a week, stop, and start again.

What’s more is when you buy direct from the official website, there are substantial savings to be had when you bulk order for a four or six month supply.

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