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No matter how much you like a product or how well it works, if the product is not safe the rest is irrelevant. Urban Reproductive Health is a safe and trusted site for male enhancement product reviews. Magna Rx is a male enhancement product created to improve sexual performance. The product is manufactured using a high-quality formula, is backed by clinical evidence, safe to use, has excellent customer reviews, and has earned the respect of numerous physicians.

What is Magna Rx?

Magna RX is a top male enhancement supplement available online. According to the official website, the product can increase the size of the penis by a maximum of five inches in a period of five weeks. Magna Rx was formulated to increase penis size in addition to intensifying the male orgasm. The strength of the orgasm is critical to ensure sexual satisfaction.

If you are interested in satisfying your partner by intensifying your sexual activity, you can accomplish this after using Magna Rx for a few weeks. The product has numerous sexual benefits including helping to reverse erectile dysfunction and other erection issues.


How Does Magna RX Plus Work?

Magna Rx is a good option for men with sexual issues. The blend of ingredients contained in the supplement is effective for improving penile blood circulation. When the blood flow is increased, both penis strength and girth are increased. The ingredients are safe, natural, and approved by physicians. Using the product regularly will not result in any side effects.

Understanding how the penis functions are critical for understanding how Magna Rx works. There are three main chambers in the penis that fill with blood when the man has an erection. There are blood vessels in all of these chambers. The chambers open automatically as the organ expands to allow blood to flow. At the same time, there is a constriction at the exit point.

When the blood vessels and size increase within the penile chambers, the organ’s ligaments begin to stretch. The result is an increase in the size of the penis. Just like the other muscles within the body, penis ligaments have flexibility. When stretched, they increase in size. The growth achieved is slightly different with every man, but the more the penis is used, the better the development.

How is Magna Rx Used?

The recommendation of the manufacturer is taking one pill several times per day. To encourage processing, eight ounces of water should be consumed when taking a pill. The directions on the package must be followed to prevent an undesirable outcome. Magna Rx should be used for two weeks before expecting any changes.

Benefits Of Using Magna Rx

Magna Rx is an effective option to enlarge the penis without the need for surgery. Surgery is expensive, requires a period of downtime and infection is possible. The product uses all-natural ingredients to provide genuine results and improve the quality of sexual encounters.

Once you begin using the product, you need to be patient. Time is required to see the benefits, but they will last for a long time. The recommendation from the manufacturer is to use Magna Rx for between three and four months. The most common benefits include:

Increased Penis Size:

The ingredients in Magna Rx can increase the size of the penis a maximum of five inches within just a few weeks. Consuming the pills on a regular basis will increase the girth, length, and overall size of the penis. Once the size of the organ is enhanced, the result is a better sexual performance.

Increased Stamina:

Stamina is an issue for a lot of men. Numerous men run out of stamina when working out and during sex. As one of the top products currently available, Magna Rx will boost stamina with consistent use.

Long-Lasting Erections:

Once a man begins using the product, he will experience long-lasting erections. This is due to the combination of ingredients increasing the flow of blood around the male genitalia and penis. When the flow of blood is increased, the man will experience an erection for a longer period of time than in the past.

The Satisfied Partner:

No man is happy when their partner is not satisfied after having sex. The product helps with the satisfaction of the partner by increasing penis size and prolonging sexual activity.

Increased Confidence:

Virtually every man has experienced embarrassment at some point in time because their penis failed to respond during a sexual encounter. For this reason, their confidence level suffered significantly. Magna Rx enables men to regain their confidence levels, eliminate shyness and perform better than ever before. Due to an improvement in sexual performance, their confidence level goes up.

Improved Testosterone Level:

The key hormone responsible for all sexual activities is testosterone. When the level of testosterone is boosted, the result is increased sexual activity and libido, better sexual performance, and most especially an increased appetite for sex.

Overall Improvements in Health:

The product improves both overall health and sexual activity. The combination of ingredients in the product offers numerous benefits and a positive impact on the body to help ensure the man becomes more energetic and in better physical condition.

Are There Any Side Effects?

At this time, none of the men using the product have reported any side effects from the actual product. It is important to mention a small percentage of men have experienced a hypersensitive response. For this reason, the recommendation is consulting with a physician before using Magna Rx. The product also contains licorice.

Since interaction is possible with certain medications, checking with a physician to make certain there will not be any undesirable interaction is also recommended. Magna Rx is a high-quality product and safe to use for the majority of men.

Pros and Cons


• The size of the penis increases by a maximum of five inches
• Improves overall health
• Increases the blood flowing to the penis
• Improves libido
• Increases sexual appetite and energy levels
• Enhances sexual performance
• The product is manufactured in the United States
• Magna Rx is usually beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction
• Contains a good combination of 100 percent natural ingredients
• The product is affordable


• Magna Rx does not come with a money-back guarantee
• The smell of the product is unpleasant
• Some of the comments left by users were negative



The Ingredients

The ingredients selected for the product are for both the effects of each one and the way they perform together.


Magna Rx contains:

Pygeum Africanum:

This African tree bark promotes the healthy functioning of the prostate. Although additional research is necessary, it is believed to be beneficial for the treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

Horny Goat Weed:

Also referred to as Epimedium grandiflorum, horny goat weed has been used for male enhancement for centuries. According to recent research, the reputation of this herb has been ascertained. Some research also indicates this ingredient has a positive effect on male testosterone levels.


L-Arginine is an extremely popular ingredient for male enhancement supplements. It is a precursor to nitric oxide gas, increases the flow of blood, widens blood vessels, and helps to improve erections.

Oat Straw:

Oat straw is derived from specific parts of oats. These are the same oats used for oatmeal. A variety of traditional medicine has shown oat straw is capable of supporting male health.

Oriental Ginseng:

The root of Oriental ginseng has been shown to provide a large variety of benefits including improving the quality of erections and increasing both energy and testosterone levels.


The Astragalus root is frequently used for traditional Chinese medicine as an overall cure. The Chinese believe this ingredient is beneficial for sexual health.


Maca is also referred to as Lepidium Meyenii. This root has been an important part of traditional medicine for numerous years. The maca root is believed to improve the sexual performance of men.


Catauba has been used by numerous Brazilian tribes and is an important aspect of their culture. Several animal studies have been conducted showing catuaba can increase the sensitivity of the brain to several endorphins including dopamine as well as improving the quality of erections.

Stinging Nettle Leaf:

Stinging nettle leaf has a lot of similarities to Pygeum. This ingredient has been shown to be beneficial for prostate health.


Cayenne is believed to increase sexual desire in men.

Muira Puama:

Magna Rx contains the leaf of Muira Pauma. This leaf has been used for traditional medicine for numerous years. Studies have been conducted showing this South American herb offers several benefits for sexual health including enhancing the mood and boosting the brain.

Orchic Substance:

Orchic substance is derived from the genitalia of cattle. This substance is believed to be an excellent source of testosterone.

Smilax Officinalis:

The leaf of this ingredient is often referred to as Sarsaparilla. There are a wide variety of uses for this root. According to several studies, the leaf is capable of increasing the testosterone level of men.

Licorice Root:

Licorice root is believed to have several sexual benefits including improving endurance, stamina, and sexual satisfaction.


The seeds of the pumpkin have a well-deserved and long reputation for the improvement of male health. Several different minerals and vitamins are contained in pumpkin seeds including magnesium and zinc. Both of these can improve the health of the prostate and increase the production of sperm. This is believed to have a positive impact on sexual performance and drive.

Where Can Magna Rx be Purchased?

One of the most popular, effective, and potent male enhancement products is Magna Rx. The ingredients have been carefully selected, professionally formulated, and manufactured with the highest possible quality. The product can be purchased directly from the official supplier by placing an order at Magna Rx is only available online and is not available at any physical locations.

The company delivers the product to the address specified when ordering. It is important to note there are numerous third-parties currently offering this product. Ordering from any of these suppliers is not recommended. At this time, dozens of counterfeit products have already been reported.

There is no guarantee any of these fake products are effective, safe, without side effects, or contain the same ingredients. If you want to receive all of the benefits offered by Magna Rx, the recommendation is to place an order through the official website.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of any male enhancement product is erectile enlargement and control. The main functions of these types of supplements include increasing the flow of blood to the genitals and the capacity of the penis to hold blood. Unfortunately, many of these products do not work or offer poor results. The ingredients selected for Magna Rx are intended to increase the supply of blood to the penis.

According to the manufacturer, the product offers better and lengthier erections by increasing the blood flowing to the penis. The product helps the male organ to hold more blood through the production of additional blood vessels. When the penis has more blood vessels, it can contain additional blood. The blood then fills and stretches the penile skin.

The result is an enlargement of the penis and an erection lasting for a longer period of time. The majority of user reviews are good although some users were not satisfied. It is important to note that no product will satisfy every user. Magna Rx is manufactured using only 100 percent natural ingredients. Although the combination of ingredients is safe for the majority of men, there are health risks for men with specific health conditions including:

• Lung disease
• High blood pressure
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Kidney disease

If you have any of these conditions, you should consult with your physician before using this product. If you are in good health, experiencing sexual issues or interested in increasing the size, girth, and length of your penis, improving your sexual encounters, enhancing your stamina, or providing your partner with a better sexual experience, Magna Rx is a good option.

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