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When you’ve got a problem behind closed doors, it’s not something you should leave unattended. In fact, in our opinion, it should be at the top of your priority list. That way, you’ll find a solution even faster. Otherwise, why should you expect anything to change at all?

Why People Trust Urban Reproductive Health:

Luckily for us, respect is part of our brand. Since we understand these sensitive issues, we pride ourselves on delivering realistic expectations. On top of that, in our own lives, we’ve gone through many of the same things that our readers have. Thus, if it seems as if we are mildly empathetic, then that just might be the case.


The Top-Rated Erectile Dysfunction Pills

What Is Hims?

Now, we’ll get to the heart of the matter. At first glance, this may seem like any other brand on the market. However, after looking a little closer, you’ll discover there is much more than meets the eye. In fact, for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, they’ve got just the solution. Additionally, even people who suffer from poor stamina can find something that should catch their eye on their lavish shelves.

Multivariate Brand Offering a Wide Range of Products:
Compared to other brands, these guys seem to have it all. Although it’s easy to specialize in one product, they’ve taken the last trodden path. Despite its inherent challenges, it seems as if they’ve managed to pull off something rather unique in the end. When you’re looking for an effective solution, they are there for you like no other.

How Does It Work?

Of course, claims such as these should arouse some suspicion in the average reader. Today, anyone can go online and say anything without providing any supporting evidence. Nevertheless, in our case, we prefer to be a different sort of experience. Thus, depending on the issue you have, the supplement you need might vary. As a result, it’s impossible to give a blanket response to this question.

Different Supplements Have Different Mechanisms of Action:
Suppose you’re looking for something to treat your erectile dysfunction. If that happened to be the case, then something like Viagra would be your best bet. When using those, the mechanism of action is rather straightforward. Once you take them, they inhibit a specific enzyme in your body. Therefore, as your heart beats, it pushes more blood with each pump. Consequently, everything gets engorged to the fullest extent possible.

What Benefits Does It Have Offer?

Well, when you’ve got to ask, it would be best to ask upfront. Thanks for the brevity. We appreciate the sincerity. As to the benefits, you’ll appreciate those as well. Since this brand offers so many products, the benefits are just as varied.

Depending on Your Needs, the Results Will Vary:
Let’s assume you’re looking to extend your stamina when you get to those intimate moments. If those are your shoes, then you would appreciate the sertraline they have to offer. After consuming some, it’s nearly impossible for most users to ejaculate. Until the drugs wear off, you can continue going for as long as you would like. If you had asked us, that sounds like a pretty astounding benefit, in our opinion.

Usually, People Rely on This Brand to Enhance Their Intimacy:
However, even those the benefits are enormous, that is far from the only things they have to offer. When you take a step back, it’s really a pretty impressive site regardless of your experience. With such a wide product variety, nearly anyone can find something to treat their issue. Then, they can get back to enjoying the finer things in life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Of all the disorders, erectile dysfunction is among the most shameful for most men to have. Although it’s surprisingly common, we intend to keep it a secret for far longer than necessary. As a result, it can take years for people to walk away from those feelings. However, by using the right product, you’ll move past them in record time. That way, you can get right back into the thick of things.

Difficulty Getting It Up?:
When things start to spice up, are you able to meet the moment? As much as you would like to participate in intimate activities, the body doesn’t always allow people to follow their desires. When you’re confronting such a sensitive topic, it would be best to use an equally reliable company. By choosing to work with them, you’ll always be well-equipped for any situation.

Several Tried-and-true Methods:
If one of their supplements doesn’t provide the answer, they’ve got plenty of others for you to try as well. Opposed to the norm, their broad product lineup offers more hope than most people get to see in a week. Thus, as a result, people just can’t seem to get enough of them.

What About Their Product Lineup?

Sure, we’ve said quite a bit about this lineup. Nevertheless, we still haven’t provided any substantial proof. Below, you’ll see two categories. On their website, you’ll find numerous products that belong to each of them. Further down in the guide, we’ll do a detailed analysis for each of the particular products underneath the categories.

Generic Erectile Dysfunction Pills:
Not everyone cares if they are using brand-name products. In those instances, we suggest purchasing something from their generic selection. Although the ingredients are the same, the price tags could not be more different. For those who like to save money, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Brand-name Ed Medication:
Let’s assume you’ve got a taste for quality. If that happens to be the case, then you would probably prefer purchasing something from their brand-name selection. When you don’t want to sacrifice for anything, they’ve still got everything you could ask for.

Do These Ingredients Really Work the Way People Say?

After you order some of them, we suggest giving them a test run. As many stories as there are, personal experience will always be much more persuasive in most instances. For that reason, we’ll summarize what we have to say with the following two statements.

Proven Scientifically:
First, for each of their products, there are scientific studies providing evidence to support them. In comparison to other brands, you’ll always know when you take something from here that it’s been built off the back of solid scientific evidence.

Plenty of Anecdotal Evidence As Well:
On top of that, with each of the supplements, plenty of users have reported great experiences using them. Therefore, even for those who are skeptical of scientific claims, anecdotes should be enough to assuage any worries.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is among the most difficult problems to have as a man in the bedroom. With other issues, you can be certain that people are experiencing them more as they grow older. However, in some instances, even young men can have a problem like this. Luckily, thanks to these products, you’ll never have to worry about suffering in silence.

Prolonging Those Blissful Moments:
Bliss is something that’s rather objective from our perspective. When people can partake in the things they enjoy, then they tend to feel blissful. Although that may not be a hard and fast rule, it’s good enough to use as a rule of thumb in our experience.

Reliably, Gives You Enough Time to Appreciate Everything:
During the heat of the moment, most of us don’t like to spend our time counting stars. However, if you feel as if you’re getting too close and it is still early, then using one of these supplements could give you some relief. By prolonging your stamina, you can stay focused on the things that are in front of you instead of in your head.


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What Does Hims Have to Offer?

So, if you’d like to prolong her stamina, what does this brand have to offer? Depending on the approach you’d like to use, they’ve got at least two solutions with powerful potency. On some occasions, we prefer to use one of them over the other. However, in other instances, we’ll take the path that is less traveled.

Topical Numbing Sprays:
Typically, we’ll begin by using one of these numbing sprays. Since they wear off relatively fast, you’ll get to enjoy yourself for a decent amount of time. Nevertheless, once it has been a while, you’ll reach the finish line without any difficulty.

Selective Serotonin Inhibitors:
For those who have more serious issues, we suggest using this instead. Thanks to the powerful ingredients, you’ll be sure to notice the benefits after taking a few of these. Even though other solutions haven’t worked, we believe you’ll still have a great experience if you decide to use some of these.

Will These Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom?

Most of all, people want to know the supplements they purchase will provide solutions for their problems. In most instances, we couldn’t give a better recommendation for people in your shoes. Although other brands might try to imitate such high quality, few can compare to the product lineup offered here.

Depending on Your Difficulties, These Can Really Work Wonders:
When you’ve been searching everywhere, it can seem like a real solution doesn’t exist at all. Nevertheless, as long as you give things a chance, you’ll walk away with a different perspective. Provided honesty, we can guarantee you’ll find something to help you with the issue.

An In-depth Ingredient Analysis

Now, we’ll take an even closer look at each of the supplements they have for these problems. As you can see, there are more than just a couple of them. Thus, we suggest scrolling to the one you find most interesting. That way, you can skip straight to what matters the most. Otherwise, we’ll do our best to provide you with clarity as you peruse the lineup.


Above all, men have been taking this ingredient for years to provide enhanced bedroom performance. Although its name may not be instantly recognizable, chances are you’ve known a few people with them in their pocket.

Main Ingredient From Viagra:
Perhaps, the most well-known erectile dysfunction pill on the market would be Viagra. From around the world, people clamor for if you put them to enhance their intimacy in darkened places.

Fda Approved Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:
What’s gotten people so worked up about a simple pill? From our point of view, it seems to be as if the FDA approval has provided much of the hype. When the market is full of things that lack substance, leaving a small glimmer of hope can inspire an overwhelming spark of enthusiasm.

Improves Penile Blood Flow:
Plus, when you look at the science, the way it works is rather straightforward. It inhibits a few enzymes in the body. Then, blood flows more easily throughout. As a result, it can get to where it matters the most, even more easily than before.


If you’d prefer to stick with a brand name, then they’ll still suit your tastes. Despite the higher price tag, we’ve still got nothing but good things to say about this brand.

Scientifically Supported Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:
First and foremost, this film made a Splash in the scientific community when it was first introduced. At the time, nothing like it had ever been invented before. Now, it doesn’t seem like a huge ordeal at all. Nevertheless, if you were alive back then, it was almost as if a miracle had occurred.

Pde5 Inhibitor:
Today, we’ve got a great understanding of the mechanics behind this magic pill. Even though the effects are fantastic, that doesn’t mean that solid science doesn’t underlie everything. By inhibiting one of your body’s enzymes, you’ll feel the increased blood flow quite prominently.


Once you’ve tried some Viagra, people tend to only have one complaint about the pill. Obviously, it tends to work rather effectively for the intended purposes. Still, it seems like something with a little extra duration would be even better in most instances. Thus, we’ve been introduced to this little wonder. It uses the same mechanism of action as Viagra. However, it lasts for three whole days.

Generic for Cialis:
Most of the time, people are more familiar with the word Cialis. Although it’s made from the same ingredients, it tends to carry a little more clout as a result of the brand. If you’d like to try the pill without the bill, then this might just suit your fancy.

Longer-lasting Than Viagra:
Suppose you’ve tried a few of the other brands. If you’d like to experience the same thing only a little longer-lasting, then you’ll fall in love with these.


Often, it’s not that we can’t get it up. It’s that we don’t last long enough. Even if you can get aroused, it doesn’t matter if you bust in under a few minutes. Now, you’ve got another tool to add to your toolbelt before you into battle. With this, you’ll never have to worry about things ending prematurely again.

Prescription Treatment for Premature Ejaculation:
If you had gone to the doctor, then they probably would have given you a prescription for this substance. Even though most people hide issues such as this, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions. In fact, this has been on the market for many years at this point.

It Ensures You Last Longer During Sexual Activity:
Of course, when it comes right down to it, only the results matter in the long run. From our experience using this product, we’ve got to say they provided us with exactly what we needed. If you’d like to extend your stamina, then there’s nothing that will satisfy you better than this.

Consistently, Helps Delay the Time Until Orgasm for Men in Scientific Studies:
How long has it been since you’ve lasted for more than a few minutes? For many, it’s been far too long for them to admit. If you feel like those are your shoes, then you should try some of them. Afterward, you’ll feel a lot better. You’ll have to trust us on that.

Lidocaine Spray

If you’ve got an aversion to pills, then this is the solution for you. Instead of swallowing something, you’ll just have to spray it directly on your penis. By numbing the skin, it makes it easier for you to keep going when you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Studies Show an Increase of 64% in the Stamina of Men Who’ve Tried It:
Since it is so neat, scientists have been studying this chemical for a long time at this point. During scientific studies, men who apply to this to their penis were able to last for quite a bit longer than the control group.

What Should You Expect If You Decide to Try These?

At the end of the day, the way these things make you feel Is what is most important. If they do not provide the desired results, then what good are they in the end? If you had to ask us, we would say they would not be very worthwhile if that happened to be the case. Luckily, things don’t look like they have to play out that way. Instead, we’ve been given a chance to use something that provides glowing results. Sometimes, during our lives, we get beaten down by fallen expectations. Although life likes to throw us curveballs at certain points, it doesn’t mean good things never happen to us after all. On most occasions, when life feels this way, it is a sign that we need to shift our perspective. By looking at things in a new light, we are often surprised at the things we see right in front of us. Sometimes, the problem confronting you was never insurmountable in the first place.

Better Performance Behind Closed Doors:
Since intimate moments are few and far between, when you get the chance, you must seize the moment. Sometimes, our bodies are not able to keep up. If that happens, you don’t have to accept defeat. By trying a few of these supplements, you’ll be able to continue when others would have simply submitted.

Generally, Feelings of Enhanced Confidence:
How would you feel if you knew that you were up piste in the sack? Although that may sound like of faraway fantasy, it doesn’t have to be the case if you are willing to take a chance. By trying to few of these supplements, you’ll get to see just how effective they are from the first-hand experience. Then, it’ll be far more difficult for you to deny the powerful results they provide so many users.

Specifically, a Revved-up Libido:
Perhaps, you’ve noticed that as you’ve gotten older, it seems as if you are in the mood a lot less often than you were as a teenager. If you sympathize with that statement, then you are accompanied by many millions of people from around the world.

Despite being rather common, a lack of libido doesn’t have to be a curse that follows you forever. Instead, by choosing the right supplements, you’ll be back to your old activities just like it was 20 years ago. Even if you’ve tried products with disappointing results, we still believe you’ll be satisfied after a few of the offerings from this brand.

Since everything they offer is backed up with scientific evidence, you won’t have to take a leap of faith if you decide to try a few of them. Regardless of your personal perspective, it would seem as if taking a chance would be worthwhile. As long as you experienced even a portion of the benefits, it will be all we promised.

Clinically Proven* To Increase Semen Volume And Orgasm Intensity