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What is Blue Chew?

Blue Chew is a subscription service delivering medication to men within the United States with erectile dysfunction or ED. According to the official website, this service is appropriate if you:

• Do not want to visit a physician in person
• Are unable to tolerate the pills available commercially
• Want to increase your confidence level in bed

Blue Chew offers tadalafil or sildenafil in chewable tablets. The active ingredient in Revatio and Viagra is sildenafil. The active ingredient in Adcirca and Cialis is tadalafil. The FDA has approved both drugs for the treatment of ED. You receive your tablets once per month in the mail with discreet packaging. You begin by creating an account with Blue Chew.

Once this is accomplished, you can arrange an online consultation with a licensed physician. You will then be written a prescription for either tadalafil or sildenafil. The revolutionary drug was created by Dr. Alex Jovanovich and his team to help men with ED. There is no doubt the team was successful since Blue Chew is one of the most reliable and trusted medications to treat ED.

Millions of men across the globe are suffering from ED. Blue Chew has helped them treat the issue and eliminate any embarrassment. These men are now confident and feeling much better about themselves. Blue Chew has even been featured in podcasts including the Adam Carolla Show and ESPN Radio. The team responsible for the brand has talked about the necessity of re-creating the United States healthcare system.

The team believes healthcare should take the needs of the patients into consideration. You can purchase sildenafil in 45 or 30 mg tablets. The pills generally require between 30 and 60 minutes to work, but you can take them four hours before sexual intercourse. Tadalafil is available in six or nine mg tablets requiring between 30 and sixty minutes to work. You can take the tablet 24 hours or more before having sexual intercourse.

How Does Blue Chew Work?

The product is available in chewable tablets you consume prior to having sexual activity. Both medications are classified as PDE-5 or phosphodiesterase inhibitors. PDE-5 is the enzyme located in the smooth penis muscles responsible for the constriction of the blood vessels.

This enzyme is blocked by the PDE-5 inhibitors to prevent vasodilation. This means your blood vessels are relaxed. The drug makes getting an erection easier because the blood flowing to the penis is increased. You must be sexually aroused before you have an erection.

What Comes in the Box?

Blue Chew uses discreet packaging for shipping. Your package is similar to what you receive from Amazon. The company does not display the name of the product on the packaging. Your package is fairly small, resembling a DVD order. When you open the package, there is a while ziplock bag. The logo of the company is printed on the front.

Inside the bag, you will find the chewable tablets you ordered. An air-tight packet is used for the individual wrapping of every tablet. You also receive a booklet containing important safety information and a small feedback card. The recommendation is to read and acknowledge the safety warnings. More information is available on the official Blue Chew website.

Is BlueChew Legit?

Yes, the company is legitimate and based in the United States. An affiliated healthcare provider writes every prescription in compliance with the telemedicine state laws. The providers are licensed for the treatment of ED in all states permitting telemedicine. The active ingredients are approved by the FDA for the treatment of ED.

Commercial options are simply not viable for everyone. In this instance, the chewable tablets are mixed and customized in compounding pharmacies licensed by the state according to the needs of the individual. The ingredients are exactly the same as what is found in the most well-known brands including Viagra and Cialis.

Blue Chew Online Consultation and Plans

Blue Chew does not represent itself as either a medical practice or an online pharmacy. The company offers a technology platform enabling you to connect with physicians and healthcare providers. The online service was established in 2014 to provide online consultation from licensed medical professionals or providers to help men with sexual performance issues.

Once you receive a diagnosis, a prescription will be issued. Your treatments will then arrive in the mail in discreet and plain packaging. Since you require a subscription to use the service, several different plans are available. You simply choose the plan best suited to your monthly, weekly or daily sexual requirements. Blue Chew does not believe healthcare should be embarrassing, inconvenient, painful, or expensive. You can sign up with the following steps.

1) Navigate to Look on the top of the page for getting Started and click.

2) Create your account and complete your profile.

3) Select your plan.

4) Upload your ID so your medication can be prescribed and for verification.

5) Place an order

Once your order is placed, affiliated healthcare providers will medically review your profile. Depending on where you live, a live video chat with an affiliated Blue Chew medical provider may be necessary. Medical approval generally requires between one and two business days. If you are approved, you will receive a confirmation email including your tracking number so you know your package is on the way.


Blue Chew Prescription Plans

To ensure personalized service, Blue Chew offers four main plans with individual options. These are:

Blue Chew Active:

Blue Chew Active is essentially a starter pack. Your cost is either $20 or $30 per month. You will either receive four 30 or 45 mg sildenafil pills per month or six tadalafil six or nine mg pills per month depending on your prescription.

Blue Chew Busy:

Blue Chew Busy is created for men with slightly higher sexual requirements. Your cost is either $30 or $40 per month. You will receive either 10 sildenafil 30 or 45mg pills per month or seven tadalafil six or nine mg pills per month depending on your prescription.

Blue Chew Popular:

This plan is designed for popular men with a cost of either $50 or $65 per month. You will receive either 17 sildenafil 30 or 45mg pills per month or 14 tadalafil six or nine mg pills per month depending on your prescription.

BlueChew Pro:

The cost of this option is $90 per month for 30mg sildenafil or $120 per month for 45mg. For the same pricing, you receive 28 tadalafil six or nine mg pills. Since these are prescription pills, there is a strong recommendation not to consume more than one tablet each day.

Side Effects for ED Medication

In most cases, taking medication for ED is safe. You should be aware there are potential side effects including:

• Heartburn
• Insomnia
• Dizziness
• High blood pressure
• Hearing loss
• Diarrhea
• Stroke
• Rash
• Flushing
• Headaches
• Blindness
• Nosebleeds
• Heart attack
• Blurred vision
• Irregular heartbeat
• Muscle aches
• Bleeding in the brain or lungs

Unfortunately, medications for ED are not appropriate for all men. This includes tadalafil, sildenafil, and Blue Chew. If you have any of the following conditions, you should not use medication for ED.

• You have unstable angina or have had a heart attack or stroke
• You have recently or are currently taking medication for chest pain or riociguat
• You have been advised by your physician to avoid sexual activity for your health

Blue Chew Ingredients

When you purchase any type of medication or drug, you look at the ingredients to make certain it is effective and safe for you to use. The same is true for Blue Chew. The endorsements from numerous medical professionals show the tablets are both effective and safe. The main ingredients in the tablets include:


This ingredient is used by a variety of medical companies due to the versatility in treating ED. This is the main ingredient in Viagra. The purpose of the ingredient is to help you achieve and maintain an erection for a longer period of time. The result is a better sexual experience with your partner. There are also a few secondary functions with sildenafil.

The drug is effective for the treatment of dysfunctions resulting from antidepressants. The majority of antidepressants currently available are known to trigger sexual issues for men including preventing sexual climax, decreasing stamina and reducing sexual appetite. This is because the way antidepressants work is to force the serotonin level up. Sildenafil then becomes the catalyst.

Sildenafil can also help minimize pulmonary-arterial hypertension. The effects of this condition include abnormally high blood pressure. Sildenafil may also help treat fluid build-up within the lungs and a condition referred to as Raynaud’s phenomenon. This means in addition to being beneficial for men with sexual conditions or issues, it is also appropriate if you are suffering from any of the above conditions.


Tadalafil is one of the main ingredients in Blue Chew. This is also the main ingredient in the popular Cialis. Tadalafil is a lot like sildenafil because both ingredients are phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Most people do not understand the difference between these two popular ED drugs. Yes, both ingredients are phosphodiesterase inhibitors used to improve the flow of blood.

The main difference is how long each drug stays in the body. Sildenafil only requires a short period of time to begin working. This is usually between 25 and 30 minutes. The drug will remain in your system for a maximum of six hours. This being said, some users have reported feeling the effects for as long as 12 hours. Tadalafil can remain in the body for as long as 36 hours.

If you are experiencing issues with either your prostate or bladder, tadalafil is an extremely effective option. This drug is effective for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia because it helps improve the flow of blood. In addition to tadalafil and sildenafil, Blue Chew also uses a few other ingredients in its tablets including some type of sugar to provide the pills with flavoring.

The idea is to make the tablets a lot easier to chew. All of the ingredients work in conjunction to improve your flow of blood and treat ED. You should not take this medication until needed. The right dosage is different for each person. The length of time the drug remains in your system is dependent on your prescription. It is extremely important you use your Blue Chew tablets accordingly.

Some men experience a big difference by taking only one-half of a tablet. Others require a full tablet to feel the effects. The only way to be certain which will work best for you is to take half the first time and a whole tablet the second and compare your results.

Why Should I Choose Blue Chew?

Although there are a lot of sexual enhancement products available, you will receive a lot of benefits from Blue Chew including:

The Tablets Work:

The tablets are effective. You can verify this simply by reading a few of the user reviews. The majority of men have been extremely satisfied with their results. You know if the product was effective for other men, it will be effective for you as well.

Ease of Use:

Your online subscription is very convenient and easy to use. This means you will be able to get your tablets simply and quickly. You can also take your prescription with you no matter where you go because each tablet is individually wrapped.

Safety Factor:

After your medical assessment, your medication will be prescribed by licensed physicians. You can relax knowing using your pills is effective and safe. The chance of suffering any adverse side effects is extremely low. To help avoid any negative side effects, you should be serious about the questionnaire you receive and provide honest answers.

Discreet Packaging:

One of the most appreciated advantages of Blue Chew as opposed to the other sexual enhancers is you receive your prescription and tablets discreetly. Due to the individual wrapping for every tablet, nobody will know you are using them.

Bottom Line

Blue Chew is an affordable option to privately access an effective ED treatment. You never even need to leave your home. If you live in any of the 45 states where this service is available, you should at least try Blue Chew. No medication will work for everyone, but Blue Chew works for the majority of men suffering from ED. If you have successfully used ED medications in the past, Blue Chew provides you with a unique alternative solution.

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